Ass kicker, Hummie with @bigben enclosure, modified Marcmounts, FSesc dual 6.6, 6374 190kvs

Ok, here’s my first post on this, my third build… my first 2 builds were one wheel drive labours of love, I made the decks using roarockit vac bagging made abs enclosure and battery and ran them on 90mm urethane…the ride was not smooth enough for these parts.

Hummie carbon and wood deck @bigben enclosure (low profile) Dual FSesc 6.6 Metr pro 6374 streetwing 190kvs 12s4p Samsung 30q with bestech bypass bms Mini remote @Kug3lis 150A Fatboy anti spark Cheap ass 6” x 2” AliExpress AT wheels

Ok, so far I’ve built the battery, routed out the deck another 15mm for width. Screwed up sanding a poorly adhered top coat :slightly_frowning_face: given it 3 coats of PU varnish :slightly_smiling_face:, made some aluminium truck toppers (one with the charge socket and anti spark push button). image I’ve also made acetal adapters for the cheap ass wheels to vex robotics pulleys …

My gearing is 1:4 (15 tooth to 60 tooth)

And I’ve adapted a pair of older style Marc mounts by adding cross bracing…


Wiring tomorrow…


Wiring done, it all works so far! I’ll program the vescs tomorrow…


On a side note, when I gently lifted the battery to put Velcro under it I pulled the aerial wire out of the pcb plug on my Metr Pro… shitballs.


Right. All done!

First ride this morning in the dark to the train station… very powerful, tons of torque… the cheap ass wheels are brilliant, what an upgrade from 90mm thanes!

I really love this board :sparkling_heart:.

I have no Metr Pro data yet… see lessons learned below.

So… Lessons learned.

Be bloody careful with Metr Pro aerial wire… :slightly_frowning_face: Be ridiculously careful sanding a top coat off thin carbon fibre…:slightly_frowning_face:

@Hummie your deck is awesome @bigben has built on the awesome to take it to unbelievable levels…

The only minor change I’d make to the enclosure is to make the wire cover deeper… I used more layers of neoprene gasket to give me the depth I wanted, which works well.

Images to follow…

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Nice! I’ve done the same with my marc mounts. It does help alot!

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Here’s my baby.

Pulls like a train up any hill I can find…

image image image image image


Just a quick update… replaced the broken cable on my metr pro, working like a charm.

Not topped out on speed yet but must be fairly close, 32mph.

Plus I really don’t like the way the idler bearings mount on these marcmounts, plastic isn’t up to it in my opinion. So I’ve turned top hat bearing carriers and replaced the bearings with stainless bearings…




Oh and the bushings I’m running are a bit tight… I’ve got 2 magnum 90a Krank on the back and 1 chubby aps 90A boardside at the front with a stock cone roadside. It is as solid as a rock for speed but I like a bit more carviness. New bushings en-route…

Surfrodz. You need surfrodz. They’ll get you the feeling and stability you’re after.


You are the little red guy on my shoulder! … buy the SurfRodz, your wife won’t mind…

It is the one purchase I wish I’d made on this board…

I agree with you on the idlers, I rode mine hard enough to break them…twice :joy::joy:

Gotta do something to strengthen them up…

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You could possibly sell the trucks you have now to someone and then buy SR

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Need to find a SurfRodz Black Friday deal…

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So do I… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Also need to make a motor mount for it


I’m loving taking this board off the beaten track… the enclosure is keeping the water out on muddy trails and the performance off road is surprisingly good… the only thing that was concerning me was the pelting that the front seal was getting through puddles and wet grass.

So here we have bodgy kydex clip on mudguard mark I

image image image image


They are reduced on sickboards already. Hoping it goes down more.

You’d need a 80mm shoulder bolt and some 10mm ID bearings with it.

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The 10mm ID bearings are the minor issue with these wheels, can’t find a 24mm OD 10mm ID bearing… might have to turn out the bearing seats to 26mm.

Hey, wondering what range you getting with you those 6” wheels & 12s4p pack ?

I haven’t done a full pack yet to know total distance but I’ve done many 5-10km runs and the watt hours per mile I’ve recorded depending on whether I’ve been blasting along a flat sea front at full speed and acceleration (31Wh/mile) or along a muddy canal towpath at 15-20kph (24Wh/mile) lead me to expect 15 solid miles plus more if I’m light on the acceleration and top speed. This board is so steady at 30mph that it’s difficult to resist the throttle though!

Nice one! Could you walk me through how to mount the charge port on the truck? Which parts used and maybe some up close pictures for inspiration? Thank you!

Great idea with the mudguard!

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