Asterisk | Trampa HS11 - 12S4P 30Q - Dual Flipsky 6374 150KV - Focbox - All Terrain Creations Mounts - DIY Enclosure

Slow burning build here. I picked up a second hand (almost new) Trampa 30 long, with Vertigo trucks, Superstar hubs and Primo tyres 4 months ago. Since then I’ve been picking up parts here and there when offers have been on and now have almost everything I need to get it going.

Deck - Trampa 30 Long, cut to HS11 shape Battery - Samsung 30Q 12S4P Motors - 2 x Flipsky 6374 150KV ESC - 2 x Focbox Motor mount - All Terrain Creations mounts BMS - Charge only BMS Gearing - 15T to 60T (using Versapulleys) Enclosure - DIY enclosure. 3D printed, molded and then fiberglass versions cast

Progress so far:

Enclosure - Ready to be molded image

Motor mount test fit image

Versapulley to Superstar hub adaptor designed and printed image

Spot Welder made from Microwave transformer and timing circuit image

Grip tape design image


Nice build

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Did you test the motor KV and can you still get the motor anywhere?

I haven’t yet, been away for work and then on holiday. Getting back on Friday will try at the weekend

Progress on molding the enclosure. Used reusable vinyl rubber followed by rigid jesmonite jacket. IMG_20181007_143451 IMG_20181007_173306


i was actually thinking about doing something like this 3D printing the mould so its perfect then making a fibreglass enclosure. would you mind sharing the STL files so i could see the dimensions on how you made them by any chance?

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The enclosure I designed is made up of seperate boxes and skirting for each of printing. I wrapped the deck in masking tape and then hot glues the boxes in place, followed by the skirting around them. image

I’ll upload the parts to Thingiverse now




thanks i was considering doing something like this, though i was speaking with a mate of mine about the fibreglass does it flex. i was hoping to use it on a Trampa MTB build.

Thank you for sharing this. i wont be using it 100% as i want to make some modifications to fit my vesc BMS and switch in the enclosure but it will be a great start!

haha disregard my last comment i think thats the same Deck that im looking at getting on my build, though i would like to know how the fiberglass handles the flex, i havent used it before.

My deck is actually a 35 mountain version which I’ve cut the end up to make it into a HS11. Although I’ve discovered I need to drill new mounting holes for the truck as they need to be closer to the bend.

The deck itself is similar composite so if anything I would’ve thought it would add to the stiffness a bit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m a bit of a bigger guy.

Got the supplies on order so might be able to cast the master this weekend weather permitting.


ahh havent you made one yet. would love to know how the flex goes with fibreglass =) i believe the deck im looking at is the HolyPro deck, though i dont actually like the holes in it since i need to fill them.

oh i almost forgot to ask, what size battery does this fit 12s8p?

I’ll let you know once I cast it, I know it comfortably fit 12s4p, but it might be deep enough for a double stack.

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Spent today cleaning up the mold and laying up some gelcoat and resin. Quality of the vinyl rubber mold is shocking so there will be a lot of cleanup to do after.



Pulled from the mold and cleaned up a fair bit. Some of the panels aren’t as flat as I’d like so I’ll take the heat gun to them to get them shaped a bit better. The box sections are super strong, they can take my full weight standing on them, the joints between the sections are the weak point. Going to print some TPU bumpers so the fiberglass doesn’t rub on the wires.



looks great!

Got another bike handle bar extension to the one I already had to beef up the bull bar, looks so good now! image


That’s awesome . I am also considering to build a trampa style street carve . But I can’t find any enclosure for 10s5p batteries I an using . Reason why I an doing 10s battery , because want to use the evolve BMS n ESC, that way I can use the evolve LCD remote . Would u be able to custom make an enclosure for me please . Thank u

Barely have time to finish my own build I’m afraid. No time to make other enclosures.

Spent the evening setting some T Nuts, attaching flexible concave prints and applying some grip tape. IMG_20181119_231011 IMG_20181119_234259 IMG_20181119_233701