At board truck mounting angled risers

Would it be advantageous to print out angled risers for my at board? I see a few ppl use them when they have a flat board instead of a drop deck.

It depends. Are you using channel or skate trucks? Channels like 30-40 degree decks and skate are happy with 0 degree decks.

Does your board feel too wobbly at speed or like it’s too stable and you can’t turn tight enough even after playing with bushings?

Honestly it’s not even put together yet. Trying to research everything before I put it together. I’m running og mbs matrix pro trucks if that helps

OK so you’ve got some nice channel trucks. What deck are you planning on using? With those trucks it would be best to use a mountainboard deck like This or one of the 35 degree Trampas but if you’re not going for the mountainboard style a drop longboard deck with some angled risers like this will get you rolling fine.

My current deck is flat so it looks like I should print some risers. I’ll be upgrading to a trampa style deck in the future for sure

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Something like this is what you need.

Trying to save money at this point imma try to print something

Maybe not print but fabricate

Did you ever end up printing/fabricating? I was looking to see if the geometry for an angled risers has already been modeled, I’m sure that with a little tweaking it could be designed around the limitations/play to the strengths of 3d printing.