AT longboard wanted in California

Light as possible! Min 10 mi range Min 27 mph Drop thru deck 160 wh max battery All terrain wheels

I’m not sure if it is possible to get 10miles out of 160 wh with an all terrain setup.

maybe if you were talking the 100mm urethane kind not pneumatic tires and you weighed less than 150lbs, but even then that’d be pushing it to get you more than 8 miles

At 10S you’d have a 4.4ah pack and if you’re actually planning on going off the trail you’ll want 10s and dual motors.


Exatly right, that would be possible if using urethane wheels as it would be around 10Wh/km for that distance, but on pneumatics the lowest I’ve seen was about 18wh/km.

The other thing is that traveling at 27mph will increase the Wh need greatly. I can get about 16-20km our of my 185wh battery on 83mm wheels, depending on my speed and riding style

utheranes off road? thats a no go unless they are like 10 duro and 200mm in diameter lol and getting 10wh offroad on anywheels is not possible imo

I was meaning urethane wheels on the road

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