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AT skate conversion from lead-acid to Li-ion project

Here are a few photos of my current board. I have had it for a few years now and it works very well. The only downsides are the weight of the batteries and the autonomy. I would like to change the battery to Li-ion 10S4P and VESC (already ordered) and keep the rest, as much as possible. It has proved to be very robust, AT and all weather and I cannot complain. A good Chinese built :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One of the questions I have is: do you think I should give a try with the current brushed motor (i know some have had some issues in the past) or should I invest straight away in a brushless? If second option is recommended, what is the best choice, knowing the current max speed of 30-35Km/h is fine with me and an autonomy of 20 km would be ideal?

Any other input on this project is welcome.
Thank you

Can you post some photos? And how’s the gearing? Some people have success with brushed motors, but vesc works best with brushless. You can get a 190kv one, maybe even sensored (smoother) for around 70 bucks. Oh, and where are you located?

I had uploaded a few photos but they have disappeared! I will try again. I have not yet dismantled anything so I do not have much more information than what you will see on the photos. The motor is encased in a metallic enclosure. I am in Scotland.

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If i should make a completely seperate post, just tell me and ill glady comply. I have a board extremely similar but from another company (maverix). Does yours roll on 36v acid? If so how did you determine how much lithium you needed and how to connect them together as to replace the lead batteries?also my speed controller died so I’m wondering if the vesc could replace it.picture is my board in pieces that im trying to save from its “rip” state.


Your project fits fine with the title of the post, so not sure there is a need to create a new one.

Yes, mine currently has three 12V lead acid batteries. I have not started yet but I have ordered a 10S4P Li-ion and a VESC that I plan to use for the conversion (should arrive sometime in January). So all is new except the brushed motor and accessories. I had asked if the new battery and electronic could work with the existing motor; the response must be somewhere up in this post. Basically the VESC works better with brushless but it can accommodate brushed as well.

So I will probably give it a try in this configuration and see if it works before changing the motor.
I am sure you can connect any remote to the VESC, but you will still need a new controller if yours does not work anymore.

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so how many miles / km did you get out of this board? Do you know the size of the battery? how many amp hours it had?

If it’s mine the board still has its lead batteries on. Works fine but it’s heavy and I can hardly do more than 8km nowadays.
I only use it from time to time so the priority is on the other project for now

oh ok, 8km still sounds decent for such big wheeled and heavy board… especially lead acid :slight_smile:

yes, I was referring to your board @jga.

it between 23kw and 27kw per kilometer
so i tink u can calulate how long ur battery wil last

I can confim that the VESC runs very well with DC motors.

Gave one to a friend for a very special project. He runs a huge 3000W DC motor on 12s and 80A current limit. Above 50A the VESC needs some cooling…

The draw if this motor is max 70amps

I assume you mean Wh? :wink:

No thanks max burst that the motor ask for is 70 amps

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No I meant here:

ye sorry :slight_smile:

Hi, finally found all the small pieces I needed to assemble everything together. I had to find adapters to fit between the XT90 of the battery and the Dean plug currently coming from the ESC. I tried to plug it yesterday and it worked fine on the bench. I wanted to upload the test video but the system does not allow me to do it. Probably need to convert it to an acceptable format, it is currently in MP4. So same original brushed motor and ESC, new 10S4P battery with BMS and anti-spark. Range test to be performed next week-end. I will temporarily strap the electronics under the board for the test. If it works I’ll start to think about an ABS enclosure.

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Range test not performed yet.

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hi, im new to this eboard scene and to the blog. My name is Ignacio and i purchased a MO-Bo 800w eboard similar to yours, i realised its batteries were heavy as f and they were really bad. I have purchased this lithium battery pack from aliexpress, do you think they will work on my skateboard without problems? would i need something apart from putting the cables togheter? thanks in advance. (upload://x7YZ9pkV08bQOIX1p8pIaL6WSGA.jpg)


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