AT wheel type for UK pavement


New rider in the UK. I’ve tried electric boards before and the pavement, no matter how smooth it is just doesn’t cut it with normal wheels. There are so many crossings with those grooves/bumps will make you skid or loose control that it’s dangerous. I’ve just bought a board with Volans City Off-Road AT wheel board but i’m looking for any expereinces of people that ride wth AT wheels.

By AT I mean anything 6” Plus

Any thoughts?

If you run on pavement at are the best wheels. Due to the regulations of my country I can’t hit the road. Pavement only. Some streets are ok but there’s many others… Oh man that’s really uncomfortable. I did some urethane riding but so far I stick to at wheels. I’d like to test those superfly 107. They could be ok.

Thanks for the reply. All the reading i’ve done suggests once you go AT, you can’t go back :slight_smile:

I ride both thane and AT wheels, multiple types of each. The best advice I can give you about riding at Wheels is don’t get too comfortable.

It’s easy to get used to riding on what is essentially a bump free ride and forget to keep watching the surface ahead of you. Then you hit a crack that even the AY wheel can’t traverse and all of a sudden you’ve got street face.

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