AT wheels friction problem

Surely that’ll wreck the sidewall? I weigh 70kg and would never ride these things with a flat.

Not really. It’s not like I would set out for a 30km ride with a flat tire on purpose but if I get a flat 5km from my destination I will just keep on going and change or repair the tube when I arrive there.

I had a damaged tube that leaked at the base of the valve and commuted 1-2 times with almost no air in it and I barely felt it. @psychotiller can probably confirm what I saying since he has been using these for a long time.

Hi guys, I was trying to improve my bearing and the setup inside the wheel and it got slightly better.

What I notice is even if I strongly pull the wheel pretending to do what the belt does it still rotates well but the belt when I slightly tight it make it harder to rotate I mean much harder.

My friend worked in a car company has maintenance guy and he meant for the belts there is a special spray to reduce belt/gear friction.

Any of you know about this? I’m trying to reduce the friction from all possible sources to make it as good as possible. At the moment I have 5m 15mm wide belt and the new gears are new. Probably need to ride them for a few kilometers until they fit more freely together or?

Second update,

Since I’m working here I don’t have many tools so I ordered myself a pump with a pressure manometer. I filled all tires around 75/80 psi since my hubs are metal I think they can hold it.

This had a massive improvement. I guess I was driving with around 40/50 and had really smooth rides. I am still to try at 75psi but looks already much better, less rolling resistance.

At the moment the open point will be the belt. I will continue to ride it and see if it gets better with the use. If anyone has some information about the belt hit me up. I will try to ask some more info about the oil/spray for the belt my friend was telling me about.