Atom Camper - EMTB - MBS - Dual FOCBOX - 10s12p

Just got back from a range test - looks like I’ll get about 35 miles of range the way I’m running it now, that’s not bad but I think I can improve it with more tire inflation and some tensioner adjustments. I LOVE this thing in every way - only problem is the low speed wobbles. They’re weird, something I’m not used to weighing just about 160 so it’s news to me that this could happen with 95A bushings. Anyways - pictures! I also figured out that I could mount and charge a GoPro while riding!! image image image image image


Added my “wheelie bar”!! image image


Bushing testing here we go! image image


Has anyone tested gummies on rockstar 2?

Bushing testing has been incredibly successful. With a new combination of a 97.5a Chubby boardside over 97.5a ShortStreet roadside in the back and 95a Magnum over 97.5a ShortStreet roadside on the front, this thing now carves just as much as I want it to, without any speed wobbles whatsoever. It’s truly incredible to be able to gun the remote and know that what’s moving me is bulletproof. For anyone with ATS trucks, I can’t recommend this upgrade enough. PM me or @Alphamail if you want alternate bushing setups that will also perform well with a similar setup.

Here are pictures of the new bushing setup and my stickerbombed enclosure. image image image image image

Big shoutout to @Alphamail for hooking me up with these amazing bushings and helping with getting the right combination for my needs. I highly recommend riptide bushings for fine-tuning setups and I’m honestly wishing that I had started making this kind of upgrade on other boards long ago. Anyways, glad I have the performance setup that I have now, and hopefully everyone will see me riding around San Francisco soon!


Got the trailer hooked up with the new attachment - just have to figure out how I’m actually hooking the board attachment to the back brackets… image image image image image image

Also got some lights!!


Was waiting to see the trailer, do you plan to put more battery’s on it? I have an idea to make one someday with a double layer 18650 floor, should be able to connect an additional 10S12P to the board and go really far

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I’ll add batteries when I have the money to waste. For right now one 10s12p should be enough for a decent camping trip.


PSA: MBS 8” stock tires are shit. Didn’t even last me 100 miles

Also pictures aren’t working so I’ll post them later


Which tires are you referencing?

the stock 8" mbs atom tires

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Did one go flat at the group ride?

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Yup. Back right tire went bald and the tube popped as soon as it hit road. If that hadn’t happened I would be out there riding and rocking my GoPro mount lights right now.

I’m thinking about just splurging on some Trampa gummies… my luck with pneumatics has been less than adequate. I just don’t know if the gummies would work with my cheap MBS hubs

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Have you used multi seal in the tires? I have never had flats with that magical stuff.

I don’t know how much that would’ve helped… the rubber itself was totally worn through. It was just cheap I think

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Sorry to hear that. SF has rough roads.

Seeing your board in real life, very cool. I took pics but cannot share them cuz can’t upload.

@rich is a pnuematic vet and may have suggestions from real life riding experience. I think rich as popped many tires… my estimate is over 20.


:joy: Not that much, just a couple of popped or sliced tires but many flats. I HATE FLATS! I had a puncture every second or third ride and once twice a day just riding on concrete. I fixed my 8 tubes with bicycle repair kit, some of them had several punctures.

The solution is tire sealant for bicycle tubes, the famous green slime as @Trdolan03 mentioned. Within the last months (at least 500 miles) I had no puncture but last week was the first and it happened far away from home. However with tire sealant it’s 98-99% flat proof. If you counter balance your wheels do it before adding tire sealant.

About tires, @anorak234 your tires look short lasting and the pattern is more for offroad and not much rubber, but you found out yourself :wink: If you ride on concrete as well you could try something like MBS Vine or the thick ones from aliexpress.

My first set of Trampa Treads in hard compound lasted about 400 miles (swapping front and rear tires after 200m), my second set not more than 150-180 miles because of sliding.

Since 250 miles I use MBS Vine (without swapping front/rear) and I do slide on concrete or gravel and they hold up well, maybe in 150m I have to change the rear ones. They have a bit less traction on e.g. gravel but run much smoother on concrete.

If you want everlasting tires then this could be an option

2 pieces are free shipping, just order twice like I did and you get 1 parcel with 4 but I didn’t test them yet. They are very thick, I made a video for comparison.


I ordered these

The picture is incorrect, they are like mbs vine and only 12$ for tire plus tube. I use them on Lacroix



The picture finally posted!! This is the damage - totally bald tire in less than 100 miles.

Also I was wondering if Gummies would fit these hubs…? image image image image image image image image image image

@ethel you might be able to help me here


Damn bro, what the heck. That’s a huge hole. @anorak234

I can let you borrow my gummies, you can do science. I know gummies work on evolve hubs but that doesn’t help since they are 8mm axel.

@rich I’m going to get some green go and some pnuematics myself. Very good information!