Attach motormount without welder

Hi! I own a chinese clone longboard but it´s now broken. The rear hanger of the truck snapped, so i´ve bought new caliber 2. Now to my question. Is there any way of attaching the motormount to the truck without using a welder since i dont have one? Since i can make the hole in the motormount as the D-shape of the caliber truck, the pressure on the joint isn´t so big. Mostly vibrations and just holding it in place

I´ve seen someone use something like spackle/filler to hold it in place, but i cant find the thread anymore ;(



Hi Joel, the only thing I can think of is JB weld or G-Flex. We use the JB marine epoxy in our RC boats. It withstands a lot of vibrations. Also I have used the G-Flex in my largest 43" v-hull to hold the TPPower 5070 motor in place. It’s a big motor. It’s meant to be shock absorbing. Those are the only two suggestions I can make. I am still new to the G-Flex as well. I’ve only run the boat 3-4 times. I’m pulling over 7 hp on the data logger though. So far so good.

Edit G-Flex is made by west systems. Also these are runny products. You can add a product called micro balloons to thicken them up a bit. You’ll need a particulate mask for that stuff.

Best of luck :slight_smile: Kevin