Attaching a sprocket/pulley to a shaft (no key and not a D shaft)

What is the right way to mount a pully/ sprocket to a shaft that is just a smooth cylinder? My old design had a keyed chain drive before I realized that my math was wrong and decided to switch to one the Turnigy sk3 motor which has an 8mm smooth shaft. I’ve seen other people use a bunch of epoxy but that doesn’t seem like the right way to do it. I’m leaning toward using a chain drive since I can adjust the length. Unfortunately, I don’t know where i can get a sprocket of the right size that has a set screw. Is this were it just makes more sense to get a pulley?

You can file/grind a flat spot on the shaft.

Yep exactly what @flywithgriff my weapon of choice for this is a demel.

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