Attaching enclosure without drilling holes

Hey guys, I’m planning on 3D printing enclosures for my board but in the mean time I’d like to use some cases I bought from Home Depot. I was trying to think of a way to attach the cases without drilling holes in the board since the enclosures I’m design would have different mounting points and I’d rather not have leftover holes in the deck.

I’ve tried 3M high strength Velcro and their double sided mounting tape but both haven’t been up to the task. Any thoughts?

Jesus tape? Ugly as hell, but it work

I have been using bungee cord for temporary solutions these days. Obvious negatives, but gets the job done, lol. Will watch this thread for better suggestions, like that neo magnet thread!

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@NickTheDude I’ve used 2-ton 2-part epoxy but it has its own problems, and leaves behind a layer of resin. I’ve used nylon strapping for emergencies and\or temporary mounting but it looks terrible and of course isn’t as reliable as bolts. I’d only use temporary mounting for temporary testing. If you’re really going to ride I’d suggest dealing with the holes. You can fill them with epoxy easily if they bug you in the end.

Use industrial 3M mounting tape to tape two thin metal strips, lengthwise, onto your board, then screw neodymium magnets into the enclosure. Probably want to secure components to board (more mounting tape or velcro) rather than to the enclosure. Think of the enclosure as a lid. I contemplated this, but then I got brave/impatient and just drilled through my beloved hi5ber deck.