Attaching kicktail

just a pic. it lo

oks ugly but…


… why?

10 char

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I think it’s for doing wheelies?

its for tight turning.

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And I thought I’d seen it all…

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Why not try and make the shape prettier ? With some shape cutting and sanding the edge a bit you’d have a dope tail. It could actually turn pretty sick if you did that. Wanna make a quick draft for you lol it inspired me. Could also help for getting past sidewalks.

tnx. i just wanted to try the idea. Im ganna need to sand a bit and also put some g tape on. and it will help pass bumps and rails on the road as well.

Ok that’s a quick sketch but you geth the rough idea. Should adjust to keep a support over to the wheel and not rub the shoe against it. I may try this too it looks fun.


Get some wooden shims like used in construction to smooth it up on the top and bottom, it will make it nice.


How about popping some wheelies?

I heart kick tails so I understand

can certainly do that

well the board is sitting around 33 inchs long. using kick tale need my legs to be stretch too much so I prob hav to chop my board a bit to make it more practical. for now tho its useful in crossing lights. I no longer have to kick my board to turn 90 degree

What is it with people calling them wheelies? It’s called a manual.


cuz they arnt skateboard before esk8

Bro… just get a kicktail deck :smiley:

Yeah I just use a board with a kicktail, the old school decks give you some more girth/width as well so have some space for your components. Only issue with a kicktail is everything better be really secure or you’ll shake something loose tapping around. Also since kicktail typically means shorter board you lose some stability and gain some tighter turning radius automatically. If you want to ride top speed regularly or as a priority then would stay with the long board.

@TarzanHBK @wafflejock Guys come on a longboard tailed deck would be so sick ! You get best of longboard stability and kicktail manoeuvrability. I even wonder how I could do this on my drop deck.

This thread got mad ideas running in my mind. I’m only a step from starting to custom my 2 decks because of you lol. Need to draw that first, I have shiny paint colors and stuff to customize decks, wanna stir some designs up !

i’m glad u r inspired! I believe many pre made deck should have kicktail as well. spread the idea!

recent update: this is proto ver 3. it serve as drag handle and tiny kicktail, without increasing too much foot print. still need to do better design but I figured out the good angle and length. the board is 40 inch so im not sure how the 2 screw will hold overtime with this full size deck.