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Attaching Pulley to Motor

The pulley I have doesn’t have a keyway slot: But my motor does:

How do I go about attaching the pulley? Thanks.

Seeing as though your pulley has two set screws, you could grind two little flat spots on the shaft then tighten down the set screws with some loctite.

That’s how im doing mine.

I tightened them down without grinding and it seemed pretty solid. If I am to grind some spots, how should it look?

What do you mean how should it look?

It will be two small flat spots where the set screws go

you will need to file some flats.
it will slip if you don’t…
you only need a small hand file, it will take 3 mins.

alright i’m gonna do it

Make sure to cover the motor holes with tapes or bags before using hand file / dremel to create the flat spot.

when i put a flat spot in mine I just used a dremle with a grinding bit and a vice

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Cleaner operation than me. I use an angle grinder lol