Attempting to connect Mboard's Motor's motor sensors to FOC box Unity

I recently purchased a FOC box Unity to upgrade my basic ESC, which I had run sensorless, I soldered on my own connectors to the Vesc, 4 mm bullets, and an xt60. The motors run fine without the sensor, but when I plug in the sensors one motor continues to work and the other locks up completely and hums a little. video of me showing this

Please share a photograph of the sensor connections on the motor.

Also, what software are you using to setup the motors?

I am using the FOC box UI app for Android connected via Bluetooth to program the motors.20201121_215617|375x500


if those bullets touch the FOCs dead


Yes, I am aware I plan to wrap them in electrical tape when I am done, Thank you though!

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Great, So you ran the wizard using the android app?

If so, share this screenshot

I strongly advise using heatshrink tubing. it will hold up better.

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You need to make sure the pins are matched with the correct wires on motors.

There is a good chance your TEMP wire is going to H3

Thank you for all the help. I think the app wasn’t working because I couldn’t apply the configuration. I just ended up using the Vesc tool which means I lost push to start and timer turn off, but it worked in the end so it doesn’t trouble me too much.

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I think the timer turn off works with VESC Tool.

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