ATV Snow tread kits on board?

Currently prepping my off-road board for riding in the snow and looking at what the options are:

As I expected I get basically zero traction right now and can only go downhill. I’ve sealed the ESC and battery boxes then all the other components on my board are basically consumable or due to be upgraded anyway so I’m not too concerned about damage.

I’ve been looking at my options:

  1. putting studs in tires. I ordered some mountain bike studs but it looks like there’s not quite enough rubber on my existing tires to be able to embed them so I’d have to buy new tires just for studs. I’ve seen people just put a bunch of sheet metal screws through their tires from the inside but i’d rather not go that route.

  2. Snow chains or ropes? I know you can diy chains but I’ve started applying ropes using this guy’s technique and it seems like it might work ok:

I know it’s not going to give me enough traction for uphill travel but I think I could at least go horizontally

  1. started looking at aliexpress for snowblower-sized treads and found it would cost close to $200 with shipping just for two treads. Then on eBay I found one of these full kits for $300 shipped and made the purchase to play with:

I’ve got a tracking number for UPS and the shipping weight actually came in at 55lbs so I guess there’s a lot to the kit. I’m thinking the stock motors might not be up to the task but I’ve got some bigger 6384s and one of the flipsky 65161 motors for an eFoil.

Has anyone tried adapting something like this to a mountainboard? I’ll keep the updates on my progress coming along but figured I’d see if anyone has any experience with these kits


Wow I did not expect this kit to arrive in upstate NY only one day after ordering but it is here.

These things are massive and I can barely torque the drive bar enough with my hand to get the treads moving in my kitchen. This is absolutely going to require the water cooled 75300 ESC I got to use for an eFoil.

I’m not sure if I want to stress my eFoil motor with this since it’s tuned to turn a propeller at high RPM. I’ll be looking into my options there.

It came with mounting hardware and a set of sprockets that would probably hook right into an ATV. I’m thinking I can probably find a way to attach to my truck hangers which should help retain some kind of turning ability in the back:

Might not be a super quick project but should be fun!

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Wow, that’s huge

Once I slide the spline all the way into the tread assembly it’s a little tighter against my feet than in the picture. Pretty sure I’ll want to 3D print some kind of guard to prevent accidental contact or pulling on clothing:

I really don’t want to buy a real snowmobile but I could probably tow my daughter in a sled with this kind of setup.