AU$600 Budget Build | 6S2P 8A | Single 5065 270KV | ABEC11/Evolve 107mm wheels | FVT ESC | 40inch Drop-down Deck

Hello esk8 builders! This is my first post of Esk8 builds.

This is my first build. I am only 60kg so decided to build a single motor with 12mm belt.

I didn’t want to spend too much money on my first build, so have set my budget limit to $600AUD (which is around $470 in US dollars) :slight_smile:

Specs / Part used (Price tag without shipping fee):

Total AU$604.24 (approx $472 in US Dollars)

There’s no skipping belt issue when I brake it hard but it doesn’t like to climb a steep hill.

Top speed (weighted) : 35.1km/h

Range : approx 11.2miles (18.02km)

I am pretty happy with the build at the moment. Custom CNCed Enclosure (made with fiberglass and carbon fiber) got scratched due to low ground clearance with 80mm wheels that came with the longboard but seems like there’s enough clearance with Evolve 107mm wheels. Maybe I should upgrade the motor to 6374 in near future because there are a lot of steep hills in my area (Melbourne S.E.). Do you think upgrading motor from 5065 to 6374 will make a huge difference? :smile: Let me know your thoughts.


I dont think it would make huge difference, you would ahve to switch to 10s to reach the full potential of 6374 motor, If i were you i would get a second motor and ESC and make it a dual drive :slight_smile:

Dang, to come in under AUD$605 is impressive, but it’s SUPER impressive when you’ve managed to fit the AUD$240 wheels into that budget. This should be a lesson in how to do it LoLz



I didn’t quite like the weak torque of 5065 (it was cogging really bad on uphill especially with 107mm wheels), So I have upgraded the motor from 5065 270kv to 6374 190kv and I really like the dramatic improvement on uphill climbing!

Also I have re-designed and made a ESC/ Battery enclosure to look stealthier and make more ground clearance (it was hitting the enclosure when I went over the heavy speed bumps). Now the enclosure is low-profile (7mm shorter in height) and it looks like there’s nothing underneath the board unless you see the side closely from further distance. :slight_smile:

Lastly, I switched the wheel pulley from aluminium pulley to nylon pulley to look more stealthy (now pulley attached wheel look as same as normal longboard wheels because there’s no screw attached.

Now this board has become my daily commuter and I really love it! :smiley:

This upgrade costed me:

  • Maytech 6374 190kv motor : $157AUD
  • Nylon heel pulley : $32AUD (inc. shipping)

Final budget spent in this build : $793.24AUD (approx. $595USD)


Sweet build man. Where in South East Melbourne are you located?

Nice build man! Looks stealthy! Gee those ABEC’s are so pricy though… Not sure if the extra 17mm of thane is worth it but I bought 90mm 75A ABEC’s for less than $85 AUD :wink:

How is that motor holding up?