[AUD] 10T/35T Assorted parts for trampa selling in [AU] Adelaide


10T/ 35T ISO6 Chain & Sprockets set from overion payed $200 for them a couple of weeks ago and no longer need them as i changed my mind to go direct drive i can also throw in a chain breaker free since i wont be needing it kits pretty much new just need some screws as the heads were rounded, ill be heading down to the hardware store to get better qaulity ones to replace them with any ways or your welcome to get them yourself.

Comes with all necesarry parts to fit Trampa Super star hubs and 8mm motor shaft + Spare grub screws

I had origionally assembled the kit but have not yet used it on my build since im still waiting on some electronics and the battery to arrive

Available Items

Overion 35T/10T ISO6 Chain Drive asking price $160 (Have new 316 Stainless screws to include)
2x lengths of chain ISO6
2 Chain Connectors
2x 10T Motors sprockets for 8mm shaft (I am using SK8 motors)
2x 35T Wheel sprockets


$180 for the 6 wheels or $35 each Tread + Tube
6x Trampa Urban Treads 6.5 inch
6x 7 inch Tubes to fit treads


ATC Motor Mounts For Trampa ATB Vertigo Spring Truck

payed $200 take them for $150 have screws to fit

IMG_20190731_202436 IMG_20190731_202048 IMG_20190731_202041

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