Audi longboard bumper

Maybe now there is a tiny chance that Audi will do some lobby work to make e-skateboarding legal at more places in the world :grinning:

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I’m a fan of the dead man switch. came inches from another board getting run over because I blipped the throttle and it ran away

Really unlikely. I think audi are more interested in looking cool than actually doing anything useful

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That is sweet. Love it.

I have to do this on my truck somehow. It just has to be done. Maybe i could fit a drawer for two boards with an integrated charging system that runs off the alternator/battery. I need a welder.


what about this one?

the handlebars, it’s just a bar coming up, is it connected to the hanger and the bar pivots or is it connected to the board and u turn with it? I’d like to try both. Looks like it’s just connected to the board

Why are there no three wheeled razor scooter boards with trucks on the back? Anyone ridden such a beast? I think it sounds awesome. Anyone can ride that and fully realize the power of their little motor. I saw some company is starting up and trying to sell them but do it yourself people there aren’t any. I like the challenge of fitting it all inside the hollow aluminum deck. They cost 50$ and one skate truck and two wheels, cheap.

yeah that would be a beast, especially dual drive with some large abecs on the back.

I’d like to make a motorized scooter from one of the larger razors with pneumies too.

My point in posting this wasn’t because I thought the board was cool. It was to bring awareness to the fact that a nice car manufacturers, who doesn’t need gimmicks to sell cars is debuting a car with a built in e board. That’s huge a deserves our attention.

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They advertise that u can load ur board up with groceries and it will follow u home by tracking your phone. Crazy…but how would that even be possible without any turning on the board?

Not sure if this has been seen on the forum. Thought I would share with the community.

Yeah I saw this a couple months ago. Thought it was funny though.

I remember it saying the board could follow you home! so you’d load it up with groceries and then walk and it follows you. dont believe it but remember reading that.

“Follow mode: the board is a transport device for bags or searching bags: Connected wirelessly to a smartphone or smart-watch, the board mechanically follows its owner.”

it would need so much more to do this

That doesn’t seem possible. How are the wheels turning?

I just want my car to have that drawer!

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doubles as a bad baby stash spot

Not really sure. It’s just a concept idea.

All four wheels would have to be controlled, even then the turning radius would be a ridiculous amount. They would slow one wheel down and speed up another. Or they could have pivoting trucks, who knows. I hope this one dosnt have fraud software that pumps more pollution than it says. Oh wait its an electric skateboard. Im sure they could still find a way.

Yeah thats what I was thinking, still too unpractical though.