Audio for TSG Pass?

I’ve been looking for an audio solution that would fit a TSG Pass not finding anything specific but I did find this that uses vibration - anyone experience of this or similar? or how did you add audio to yours?

Vibro audio i guess without looking at the link is using some sort of vibration conductivity, i know that sound quality will be very poor compared to say a pair of cheap earbuds.

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Yea, I kinda hoped the tech had gotten better recently :slight_smile:

I’m using buds right now but finding them really annoying, I’ve yet to find a set with a low profile that will stay in my ears while riding that don’t get jammed while taking helm off :frowning:

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I use Jaybird freedom earbuds. You can usually get a pair for about $100 on Amazon during sales. Audio quality is really good and they’re super low profile.

Otherwise than that I know sol makes some super low profile wired earbuds

Have you though about getting some padded over ear drivers off any headphones ie remove the headband and cut them into the foam of your helmet?

yes, this started when I considered using the drives from some old Sony over ear I had lying around

and considered these but they are not ideal

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they look decent I’m going to try some thanks!

No problem. If the jaybirds break you can get them replaced. I’m pretty rough/unlucky with mine and I’m on my fourth pair or something ridiculous like that (to be fair, the first just had terrible connection and the second one had a faulty button, but the third one started cutting out on one ear)

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I had something like that for touring around with my motorbike:

There are other types which you can velcro inside your helmet. Just google “helmet headphones”

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Why would you want to litsen to music why driving anything, unless you are in the woods with an emtb


why would you not

My opinnion is that if you want to be a good driver of anything you need to have all your senses engaded and focus fully, I know people who were hurt and those who hurt others because of the phone, alcohol or just driving stupid and its not nice.


the problem comes if you’re using your phone while driving. if it’s just plugged in and playing music i don’t see a problem.

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One thing is using earbuds or something like that and other thing is using normal car speakers, with them you hear the outside if you arent blasting

I have UClear as well rate them but watch your safety, pond is you are supposed to hear warning noises on an esk8, on a motorbike some will argue the same but it’s over engine noise anyway

I have the same dilemma. On the one hand, listening to music I love while riding adds an element of enjoyment. On the other hand - to have complete awareness of my surroundings I need to hear what’s going on… an approaching car is way less concerning if you hear it from 100 meters away!


Helmets with sound are 100% illegal in my country. Even if you use only one ear. You need to hear the sounds around you. It seems using one ear is legal everywhere else. Leaving aside the laws I recommend you to use only one ear. There’s very small bluetooth devices that can fit inside a helmet.

thats the good thing about these flat earphones! They don´t cover your ear completly, so you can adjust the volume, so that you´re able to hear all other sounds around you. It´s just like in a car if you don´t blast ´em up :slight_smile:


Music in your ear while driving sounds like a bad combination to me, especially when you have to be aware of you surroundings on these things. You gotta be able to hear things around you. That’s why I choose speakers over earbuds.

I guess I picked up bad habits on my mountain bike, I only ever wear 1 bud unless I’m totally off-road (and even then only when I’m fairly isolated)

I find I’m much more of a visual person, esp. with full face I check for movement around me. With the right tunes, my style improves and enjoy it more.

I would NEVER wear even 1 bud on the road in traffic, I tend not to stick to roads/or pavements when I’m riding for fun I go where its smoothest :wink: