Audio for TSG Pass?

yea so will never recommend wearing 2 buds, but if i’m wearing one bud with the volume low enough so I can still hear the surroundings i think it’s fine. it’s mostly for when i’m stopped at a light or a stop sign, not so much while i’m actively moving

i also use my 1 earbud for gps if i’m going places so i don’t have to look down at my phone while i’m riding, which I feel, is worse than gavin someone tell me where i’m going

Personally being a DJ/Turntablist i have no problem concentrating on separate audio sources while riding my bike for example while fully earbudded, but i only go full vol when off road and bombing it because im not looking back or around so much. But you cant beat a Minirig for a portable audio solution IMO.

As others have said…I hate ear buds because you can’t hear your surroundings. But listening to music and driving or riding is something I enjoy… and focusing on separate audio sources is pretty easy…when you don’t use earbuds


im using those Philips SHB5250BK

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those look nice and low profile

these are the ones I gave up on recently: taking off my helm with these little hard metal cases was really unpleasant

I would always prefer not listening to music at all than using only one earbud and getting mono sound with crappy quality.

I never listen to music directly in my ears when driving (car, bike, eskate,etc…) but it’s for obvious safety reasons :slight_smile:

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But don’t you think this maybe can be annoying for the others people on your way, with your music ? I personally hate people playing music on their phone in the street, like if they were the only one around.

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It wouldn’t really matter if you’re on a moving vehicle. You’re standing still for what, a maximum of 5 mins at best ?

There’s also other factors such as the fact that the cars around you may be going faster , slower, and not even the same route as you. Bottom line, playing music with speakers in the street ? No one is nor should care.

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Nope… because I ride public streets with cars… Not normally around people.

If you get upset about the half a second you hear it while I pass you at 30mph… Then probably should take up anger management. It’s a bit different then walking by people playing music on my phone…which is also annoying and rude. But I don’t subject myself to crowds on my board… Streets and cruise…

Do you get upset at the car next to you for playing thier music and enjoying thier drive?? Lol


I use these BE Link headphones for my full face helmets. They can go as loud as I want for off road riding or can be quiet enough to hear the music, but still everything around me. They Velcro inside the ear recesses in the helmet, so there is a little gap between your ear and the speaker to let outside sounds in. They sound pretty good, but they are a tad pricey. I don’t know how often they go on sale, but I got mine with a beanie from Daddies board shop for $14 when they were on sale a while ago. I personally wouldn’t listen to music if I was riding in traffic, but I pretty much only ride recreationally off road or where there are as few cars as possible.

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All right…

First, I just ask a question (Do you think the music annoys people in the street ?) then I gave an opinion (I hate when people listen to music loudly in the street). So I never “attacked” you nor I said you should get some help from someone :frowning: Where did you get that I was upset by those people or by the things I hate ? Or maybe do you think I was offensive to you ?

On this forum, I read a lot and usually don’t post (because most of the member know more than me) but I think I’ll continue if I get those kind of response and judgment…

How about these? Only one ear tho

years of riding track bicycles, road, mountain bicycles, sport bikes, dirt and supermotards as well as longboards… could never understand anyone who didn’t want to tune in to their ride & to the trafic around them, Projected music is much safer, so you can hear the trafic too. Otherwise: Flat out is dangerous… except maybe climbing offroad where there is no trafic and speed is controled. Even on a closed course I wanted to listen & feel my bike, guess it depends how hard you are pushing, how aware and safe you want to be?

I meant no offense. Nor don’t think you attacked me.

Don’t take my response so seriously. Take it as a conversation. Respond to it.

I merely was speaking in generals. Not toward you.


Also @Slak I really hope I didn’t scare you off from responding to other topics…

I generally agree with you. The following make me mad lol -music on the sidewalk around people when walking at relatively the same speed in the same direction. -people that play music in stores/malls on thier phones and walking through crowds thinking they are cool lol. It’s just annoying. -pulling up to a light and someone has thier shitty music on full blast that doesn’t have the decency to turn it down while stopped next to people(I turn my system down)

Things that I don’t typically pay mind too -vehicles like cars/bikes/boards playing music and driving by, all I really hear is the Doppler. It’s come and gone so fast… the hormones didn’t get a chance to boil… What I meant up there in the last post, still speaking in generals, was this example… The noise comes and goes to fast, so one must have flash boil on thier anger settings…

Anyway I hope you still respond to topics even though you are new and I probably scarred you unintentionally Lol.


I had so many incidents trying to overtake bikers with headphones, they won’t listen to me even if I yell, but get scared when I pass and say sorry

I’m the same but with phone zombies with headphones on trails I suspect they would at least see @LunarKim coming those tired eyes drawn to that LED goodness even from behind :slight_smile:


I use one earbud for nagivation, I think having to pull out my phone everytime is wayyy more dangerous than having one earbud in my ear while riding.

Why don’t you just use this. I love my sena on my bike. Nothing in the ear and have bluetooth capability. Literally changed how I ride nowadays.


i wear 1 earbud when i ride my “got-hungry-and-wanted-a-scone-so-I-built-a-cruiser-board” (topic coming later today) cause i don’t wear my full face. the thing is 8s and single 190kv 6374