[AUS] 10s4p Samsung 30q battery pack $100 AUD

So, bit of back story. I built this battery pack a while ago when I was into the esk8 craze, but I got insanely busy so it’s just been sitting in the cupboard.

Photos: https://imgur.com/a/sHS0ZlR

The pack was assembled pretty well (but i’ll let you judge from the photos). It’s spot welded 3x per battery side, batteries are supported by flexible silicon in every joint and the entire battery is attached using silicone to a fibreglass plate for rigidity. The reason I left the battery was there was an issue with the BMS. All of the balance wires are connected correctly and read the correct voltages, but the BMS is dead. I’m pretty sure it never worked but it’s possible i may have killed it. I don’t actually remember the exact issue, but it doesn’t charge through the BMS. As such, it’s sold as is.

Price $100 AUD + shipping (australia only) Can include a 10s charger for $20 extra.

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Sold. mods can close :slight_smile:

I just have to say that your price is really really good!