[AUS] Australia, Custom built 18650 Battery packs including Evolve battery upgrade

Hi All, I am now offering a battery build service to Australian eSk8’ers looking for 18650 battery packs. Sorry can not post overseas due to Frieght laws here. Details of a battery build for my Bamboo GT can be seen here: Bamboo Upgrade I have a choice of cells Samsung 25R’s, Samsung 30Q’s and LG HG2’S. I can get others but there would be a 2 week lead time increase. I am based in Perth but can send Australia wide for $35 which includes postage insurance. That means 100% money back guarantee on non delivery of battery. The most common cell used is the 30Q’s, prices are: 10S3P $390 10S4P $440 10S5P $520 Quotes provided for all other build specs. I use 0.2mm pure Nickel strips and 4mm2 flat copper braided wire for cell connections and 12AWG for power leads. Choice of power connectors available. For Evolve battery swaps an Evolve compatible BMS 11 way connector is fitted as well as the AMASS power connector. BMS balancing wires are 24AWG. The cells are taped together with fibre reinforced tape and shrink wrapped.

The BMS power connections can come with SUPRA gold plated bullet connectors to give you an easy swap for future batteries or hot swapping a second battery, no solder changing. I have also designed a battery cover extension for Evolve Bamboo covers to fit the extra long battery in without moving the BMS location. This is free with 10S4P battery packs.


Can I post a link to this in a Melbourne esk8 Facebook group? Probably a few guys wanting to get these


That’s fine by me. Thanks

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Hey @Marsen, how many parallel nickel strips do you use, and do you have a photo of an unwrapped pack? I’m interested to see the copper braid.

I use 2 Nickel strips across all four cells and then weld the copper braid piece on which is another Nickel strip with the copper pre-soldered Braid This is not as long and only covers the three cells of each group of 4. Therefore it’s two nickel strips for the furthest two cells then three strips for the closet three cells as the current is increasing as you go along. The copper connects between cell 3 and 4. Does that make sense? I’m building a pack over the weekend so will post more photos as I build that one.


Yep makes perfect sense. Have you done a replacement pack for an Evolve Carbon (not GT) before? I’m thinking of a 10s4p 30Q as my battery is on its last legs.

Hey mate, i like the look of this thread and I’m looking forward to what you post! Cheers, from Melbourne.

No. I’ve done 4 Bamboo batteries and 5 custom built boards (all using 12S), one with a split pack( 2x 6S4P). Also battery packs for a guy that makes ROV’s and a couple of packs for a robotics company in Perth. Using the flat braided copper makes the pack a couple of mm narrower so it fits in the Evolve case easier on Bamboo boards not sure what the width is on Carbon boards. The BMS balancing wire runn on the top edge alongside the silcone power lead from the positive. I don’t like how some run them through the middle between the two rows of cells.


I am in Perth also, if I were to send you measurements and photos of the Carbon pack, would that be sufficient to build a replacement pack?

Yes no problem. I can deliver it so we can check the fit and work out any issues. If we can’t get it to fit then you don’t have to buy it.

Hi im interested in 2 batteries made of 30Q, do you fit enclosures and BMS as well? 12s5p

Hello Krazor, Yes I can fit it into the enclosure with a BMS if you want, have done a few DIY 12S builds. I am just about to order some 12S BMS’s from Bestech with E switch. It’s an upgrade from the D223v1 which is popular on esk8. Haven’t got a price yet waiting on a quote. What enclosure do you have?

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no enclosure yet, this is for a DIY Trampa build im working on. going to be ordering it soon. i was thinking of a flexi under mount enclosure with battery BMS and anti spark power switch installed. a price would be great, i plan on putting it on 17ply 35º HOLY PRO MTB Deck from Trampa. i would like to fit 2 FOCBOX esc in enclosure as well. would love to make it water proof too. i dont have any particular enclosure in mind, though if you do i would love to know your thoughts.

im looking at something similar to the build cody00 made in his post here

Hey @krazor, I have a Trampa Urban Carver with the enclosure from @Eboosted. Mine is set up as an all terrain mountain board. I’ve been talking with @Marsen for some time and he built me a 12s4p to suit the enclosure. My ESC’s, etc are mounted in a separate case on top though. I have seen some builds with the ESC’s included in the enclosure so I’m sure it is possible, but it would mean changing the way the batteries are laid out. As far as quality and advice, etc, you will find it hard to find a better person than Mark (@Marsen). If anyone can make it happen, then he is your man.


Thanks, ill get in contact with him, my only issue is making sure everything fits in the enclosure.

I sent my enclosure to Mark so that he could ensure everything would fit. That would be my recommendation.

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That looks like things are crammed in at the controller end. The battery fits easily enough. Same enclosure as Ants. Ant has had to pack out around the battery to stop vibration because there is plenty of room just the length of the battery makes things tight with the electronics. There are so many enclosures to choose from, checking out what others have done is your best guide. Then pick what best suits your needs.

@krazor - If you haven’t seen it yet, have a look at one of the builds that @rich has done: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/urban-burro-trampa-carver-14ply-mini-vertigo-trucks-10s4p-vtc5-with-bms-dual-sensored-6355-aps-130kv-esk8-controller-1-1-idea-motor-mounts-4-0-trampa-underboard-tray-7-pneumatics-and-125mm-gummies-on-superstar-hubs/66503

He’s managed to get everything to fit in the enclosure to give a very nice, clean build. He’s a good guy and I’m sure would be happy to give you advice on how he put it all together.

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Thanks everyone for all the kind words, its a build im thinking about doing witch is on the fence, still goat get pricing on Battery enclosure, Motors pullys and gears. so far without these items its just over 3k which is on the pricey side. so looking at dropping the price any way possible without sacrificing quality or building it over time =)

Yeah man, the cash is a big issue. If I would have known how much this was going to cost me, prior to going into it, then I’m not sure I would have gone through with it. Plus, you have the wait time on parts, etc…

I must add, that the satisfaction of making your own build and being able to customise the way every component fits the final build is pretty cool though. Nothing like stepping onto your board, and riding, knowing that you have made it all work.