[AUS] Selling 12S2P and Enertion 4.12 VESC for upgrade

Hey everyone,

I am planning to upgrade to a 12S4P to increase my range and decrease sag. Also plan to run FOC so I am going to upgrade to a FOCBOX.

I am selling my DIYes 12S2P 30Q battery pack with it’s enclosure for $300 AUD (SOLD), and my 4.12 Enertion VESC for $90 AUD. I am open to any questions and offers although won’t budge too much on the prices.

Only selling within Australia. Thanks :slight_smile:

-pictures are required when selling items in the market. Thanks.

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Apologies for that!

hey bro im interested in your VESC! where abouts in Australia you based?

Melbourne! Pm me if u need to know more :slight_smile:

thats convenient.if u could pm me instead cause im. a new user that’d be great!:grin: