[AUS] Selling custom mostly completed skateboard build

I no longer have the time to finish off this board, so it’s largely sat untouched for a while now. Looking to offload to a good home.

Electrically the whole system is complete. It needs more work on redoing some cabling and housing for the esc+bms, and a surrounding enclosure for the batteries. All of the parts are listed in the last picture below, they include:

  • Focbox unity running latest vesc firmware
  • DieBieMS BMS (I replaced the R55 with just another 0805 15ohm resistor)
  • 10s5p (50) samsung 30q 18650 batteries (barely used, have been stored at 80% soc)
  • Evolve AT wheels and trucks
  • Dual Flipsky 6374 190kv motors
  • Dual drive mount system from janux-esk8 w/ belts and idlers
  • NESE 3d printed battery housing
  • 42v 3a charger w/ xt60 connector
  • Flipsky VX1 remote
  • Rheostatic brake
  • Loads of assorted parts, including a few spares, cabling nuts/bolts/washers, bearings, motor keyways etc

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Q5FdSUV

Running video: custom electric skateboard - YouTube

Located in Brisbane, Australia

Looking for $1100 AUD

Not looking to sell parts individually, would like to get rid of the lot. Ideally pickup, but can do shipping if you want to arrange a courier.

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