[AUS] Selling USED 5065 motors, 83mm wheels, 3s 8000mah batts and pulleys

Selling USED items, they are all in excellent condition and has very low mileage. All prices are in AUD and Australian buyers are preferred due to the shipping method. This is my first selling post on esk8 community. I will try my best to explain the condition of each item to avoid any misunderstanding.

  1. Selling USED 2 x Zippy 3S 8000mah 30C batteries. $35 each + postage

Purchased in September 2017, then used since October 2017 then stored in storage mode since December, 2017.

It has had 7 balance charge/ discharge cycles (4.20V per cell to 3.4V per cell than charged back to 4.2V).

Used for my first build but I’ve upgraded the battery to 10S3P li-ion pack after 2 months of usage. Now I don’t use these batteries anymore so decided to sell. Battery are in great condition but cables and connector could look littlebit messy (little marks of black paint and epoxy on the cables and connector). XT60 connectors are pre-soldered and wire mesh job was done for balance plugs. They are $56.71+post each on Hobbyking. I am willing to sell for $35 each + postage

  1. USED 5065 270KV Outrunner motor. $25 + postage

I purchased this motor from Banggood and have been using for 1.5 months, then have upgraded to 6374 motor.

According to the spec, motor has 1800W power. Worked pretty well with FVT120A esc.

This motor was ok when I used 97mm flywheels with 12T/36T gearing but there was a lack of torque since I changed my setup to 107mm with 15T/36T gearing. Since it took awhile to accelerate to the topspeed, I didn’t like it and I no longer use this motor.

Outside surfaces has abit of minor scratches but it is working in order. Recommended for 6S build. $25 + postage

  1. USED 4 x DIYeboard 83mm wheels + 2 x DIYeboard’s 35T flywheel pulleys + 2 x 250mm HTD5M 12mm belts + 2 x 15T HTD5M Motor pulleys for 12mm belts = $55 + postage

These parts are from DIYeboard.

Wheels, pulleys and belts has ~10km mileage. I’ve used it for 3 days before upgrading to Kegel + Evolve 38T pulley.

15T HTD5M motor pulleys are new. Wheels are 83mm flywheel clone, not sure about the duro but they are much harder than Kegel 80A. Recommended if you are looking for cheap components for any budget builds.

Special bearings for wheel pulleys are included but you still need to get a 608 bearings for the 83mm wheels. Standard sized spacers on pulley-attached-wheels doesn’t work so do not over-tighten the axle nuts to avoid bearings heating up. $55 + postage

  1. NEW DIYeboard 35T 5M 13mm wide flywheel pulley + 2 x Lipped bearings for the pulley = $20 each + postage

They cost $25AUD + $24 postage each from DIYeboard. I bulk bought these pulleys to save some shipping cost.

They fit Original flywheel hubs and DIYeboard 83mm wheel hubs. Truck hangar modication (cutting out 4mm of aluminium hangar) is needed. $20 each + postage

Batteries are sold. Other items are still available :slight_smile: