[AUS] WTB - Evolve Supercarve Trucks

If anyone has a set (front and rear) of EVOLVE Supercarve trucks for sale I’m in Aus and I’m keen to buy for my new build! :slight_smile: I’ll be putting AT wheels on so if you have them too I’d strongly consider.

Bro if your in AUS then just buy from evolve


FYI for those who have been trying to get Evolve Supercarve trucks… I had placed an order with Evolve but it didn’t move for a few days and then i got a couple phone calls from them saying “…just calling to talk to you about your order.” Couldn’t get back onto them either as the number they gave would ring out and go to some random voicemail. I’d read a bunch about how Evolve wont sell you trucks unless they validate you need it and that you have bought one of their boards… so was thinking they were just calling to say they weren’t going to process the order.

Turns out they were happy to sell me the trucks (yay) but they were out of stock of the Serfas light i had on there… so big wins! Evolve are still OK in my book. :slight_smile:

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