Australian Eskate complete build SOLD - Enertion mono drive specs + space cell

Hey forum,

So I built a skateboard for my wife, and now I’m selling it!

Nothing wrong with the setup, in fact I think its great, it’s just that we are now expecting our first child, so my wife is not so keen on cruising at warp speeds around Melbourne, go figure! It’s actually had bugger all use (you can see by the wheels) and I was going to keep it for when mates came around so I could ride with them, but I’m going to flick it so we can get a SUP for the summer.

I’m selling as a complete unit, breaking it down and shipping different parts is just time that I don’t have at the moment sorry. Ive just added in the prices for each component so you can get an idea of what they’re worth.

So the setup is:

Board: $90 BSA Lunar with two layer of carbon fibre and custom grip tape Trucks: $88 Enertion 50d Wheels: $82 Enertion 80a Duro, 83mm Wheel Pulley: $22 Enertion 36T - This is made from glass fibre reinforced nylon Motor: $197 Enertion 6355 190kv Motor Pulley: $22 Enertion 15T Belt: $19 Enertion 12mm htd5 Motor mount: $87 Enertion Aircraft Grade Aluminium & Carbon fiber plate Remote: $50 + $50 GT2B, but I have placed into the Madmunkey Mod, so you get the awesome reliability of the GT2B and the convienance of the smaller remote size.
Vesc: $197 - Enertion Version, purchased around August. Battery: $505 Enertion space cell pro3 - 10S3P has about 25km range, and with current setup speed is around 35km/h (maybe faster but I didn’t top it out and I’m 85kg) Stand: $25 Custom made skateboard stand - Nah just joking, this is a guitar stand that works really well for keeping your setup off the floor!

So the total setup is around $1400 worth of value, and thats not including the firbeglass on the base, or the awesome grip tape…

If someone would like a setup ready to rock and roll for the Aussie summer I’ll let it go for $1200 + whatever the shipping is to get it to you.

Feel free to ask any questions, and I’ll post some photos below.

Cheers guys

Quick edit: I also changed out the bearings for Bones super reds - Honestly wouldn’t use standard ABEC bearings after an issue I had on another build.

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Looks like a great build Rye, good luck with the sale!


Good luck with the sale Rye. For anyone thinking about buying, Rye is a great guy. His other build is super nice so I am sure that whoever buys this will love their purchase.

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Was it really your wifes or was it also for you :wink:

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Hahaha, I can neither confirm nor deny that @Dedbny

Are you considering parting it out? @Rye

Or have you sold it?

Damn wish you could ship to the US I would jump on this right now

Hey Lox897, still hoping to sell it in one piece, but will see how we go…

Hey @Enigmacpl03 let me look into the cost and timeframe today, I’ll PM you with what I find out

Hi rye I msged u on eBay before. Does it come with a charger? Looking to spend a $1000 Send me your number if interested Cheers martin

Hi Martin, it comes with the charger I received from Enertion, I think from memory it takes 2-3 hours from 0%-100%. The eBay listing finishes tomorrow, what’s you mobile number? I’ll give you a bell if it passes in if you like? You can PM the number if you’d prefer?

If standard charger it would take 2-3hrs to charge from 0%

Hi rye not sure how to use pm on here. Its zero four two two two one three nine one nine. Cheers

Hey guys, board sold now. I know Martin is going to have a ton of fun on this little beauty!

Board is SOLD