Authentic 97mm flywheels for sale

Ive made the decision to part out my e board. I have attached a link to a video I made about the board and all of the parts you see in the video are for sale. In addition to those parts I have brand new 83mm flywheel clones and a brand new sk3 245kv 6374 motor. I am in Canada so shipping within Canada should be easy however I am willing to ship globaly. I will post photos soon, PM me if interested:) Thanks! LIST OF PARTS STILL AVAILABLE: authentic 97mm flywheels 75usd Bustin mission 36 deck 25usd

BRAND NEW PARTS: 83mm flywheel clones 25usd

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I’m interested in buying the 97mm flywheels and the GT2B mad monkey mod (controler + case) pm price please.

How much for the deck and shipping?

I’ll take the me a price

That will be shipping to the U.S. 29801

I’ll take the workbench + tools!


and i’ll take the air!

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I want the camera you used

From Canada too! Would buy the mount, the remote, and the sk3 motor if it hasn’t sold. Pm me if this would work. Or a portion of it. Or just say what’s up. HAHA

How much for that high performance poop scooper?


How much for the flywheels 97mm if still available.

Looks more like a poop sweeper. Man, you just go for it cause it’s red. It’ll be a really fast poop sweeper!

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How much for the caliber trucks?

i’m telling you man that’s a deal. Probably the most performance i’ve seen in a kitty poop scooper in a long time.

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I have interest in all of the parts at the moment I will update the list soon with the parts that are sold

Its the 2018 poop sweeper limited edition and its red so its automatically way cooler


Prices prices prices post your prices

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