Auto turn on not working (dual ''ebay'' esc)

So the problem is right in the title I have one of the cheap ebay esc’s and the auto turn doesn’t work (running motors with sensors). Which is really annoying because I was planning to go without power button (it does have a loop key just to be save). Has anyone come across this problem before? and if so know how to fix it?

I think there is a button on the ESC. I was playing around with one before and if you hold it for ~10 seconds I think it can auto turn on. Not really sure if I got lucky though

will try right now

Do you have a link where you bought it from?


do you mean the golden button next to the buzzer?

I got this one (the dual one)

The thing is, this may not have the “auto turn on” feature. There are several ESCs like this that look almost the same but have different features and capabilities. A good example are the Meepo V1 and Wowgo V1 ESCs, they look almost identical but one has the auto turn on feature but the other doesn’t.

Thnx for the help

just made myself a power button