Automatic brake lights, using an accelerator as the main sensor

anyone know if its possible to use an acceleromoter with an arduino based microcontroller. (I am not using a vesc so i cant tap the braking signals) to create an automatic brake light? Anyone with experience with acceleromoters?

Yeah this would totally be possible. Cool idea! Accelerometer to Arduino controlling a relay, should be pretty simple. This would do it:

Run power and ground to that acc, run a signal wire from a1, a2 or a3 depending on how it’s oriented, and then just figure out the threshold where you want the brake light to turn on.

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yes you could do this. but it would be more work to read the imu data and figure out whats happening.

I just read the rx signal directly and trigger brake lights. you can see some of how I did here. updating now…

on a side note. I have thought about using an accelerometer/gyro for some carve control lights. :wink:

Unfortunately i am using an ESC/reciver combo board, witch makes this quite hard without an oscilloscope. tracking traces is kind of hard.

thats true. in that case the imu should work. mpu6050 are pretty cheap and easy to work with over i2c.

I have a MPU 6050 on my racing drone.