Avenue RKP Baseplate + Caliber II Hangers?

Does anyone know if this would work or the size of the pivot cup in the Avenue RKP Suspension Longboard Axle feder-achse spring-truck?

Was planning on buying a pair and use the baseplate, they do look like they would match up but im afraid the pivot cup might be smaller or anything else wont fit?

Do a search on the forum, someone posted about those recently. If I recall correctly, they said the pivot cup was quite small, but they gave a few examples of hangers that should work. Hope that helps!


I belive it’s this thread :smile:

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It does not work, Ave truck not only has smaller pivot but also much shorter hanger. I already tried long ago. I think Ave tried to make the dimension similar to other RKP, because of the spring thickness they reduced the hanger height. And the small pivot provide excellent turning radius. which is pro over caliber2 the hanger is mag alloy which is super light. but putting together with the base it weight like a normal RKP, may be ted heavy. I actually running them with my esk8, you should able to search it