Avenue Suspension Trucks review/tutorial

Never heard of bangfish, Those trucks look awesome Did you get the 147mm or 180mm version? Do you have any picks? How do they ride?

180mm still too small, never rode them because can’t fit the motor-mount without damaging the hanger, they are relly expensive too, don’t buy them.

I may use them as a front truck only.

use a hubmotor

After a few days of testing and stuff I’ve made 2 videos showing my experiments with the Bangfish and the Avenue trucks



Summary: I haven’t tested them very much outside because of winter and cold but what I can tell: The Avenue hanger is unfortunate for electric skateboards. But the Bangfish hanger is really terrible and a bit overcomplicated in general. I recomment using the Avenue truck, find a hanger that fits (or modify it), put your motors-mounts on and go


riding the Avenue on the Evolve Gen2, I like them :slight_smile:


I see you switched the hanger What hangers are they?

the Evolve hanger :wink:

my plan is using the evolve front-hanger, put some motors on it and use them as rear truck for my other board, stay tuned…

Keep us posted on how well they hold up and any riding slop as time goes by

Well done

Great job. Thanks for posting.

Any euro peeps want a set of these…75 euros a set plus shipping from Spain for the 9.5 model…let me know this is a 3 day long offer.

would be much better and cheaper of we buy baseplates only, even the 9,5 hanger is too small

how wide is the evolve hanger you are using ? Gen 2 right ? Also, does it slip into the pivot cup like it was made for it or do you notice some slop ?

The Evolve Gen2 front truck total is 250mm (same as Enertion truck), the hanger itself is 185mm. (I’m going to install dual 15mm Belt-System with 2 small R-Specs on this, this will be very very close but I’ll try)

There is 98% no difference between Evolve and Avenue pivot-cup-fitting, easy swap


Awesome. I just purchased a pair of gen2 street hangers from evolve. Cant wait to try. Im assuming you used the street hanger and not the all terrain hangar right ?

These are on sale right now if anyone is interested. 30% off on the avenue website. Code is ENDOFYEAR.

Yes street, but we’ve to find out if AT-trucks, the GT trucks or the Gullwing sidewinder fit too, that would be great but I don’t have them to test.

You can buy Evolve hangers only, what’s the cost of them?

@CamBo get a batch of baseplates and sell them to Evolve Riders

yea you can get the evolve gen2 hangers on their site ($ 35 each - ouch), below is a link. Let me know if these look like your hangers, i believe they are the ones you are using. I contemplated buying a set of gullwing sidewinders as they would have cost me less then just the hangers from evolve but the gullwing hanger looked pretty rounded and would’ve required more work to get a mount on there. I also wasn’t sure if they would fit the pivot cup on the Avenue trucks. Would be great to find out if these trucks fit though as it would make it a cheaper upgrade. On a side note, what is it like to ride on these ? I imagine it is smooth as hell.


Are there other hangers that are worth testing out? I’m not sure how other trucks compare, but I’d be willing to order some Avenue trucks to experiment with Paris and let folks know.

Do people think it’s worth a shot or is someone already aware that there’s not a shot in hell?

paris trucks will not work. You need a hanger that goes into the pivot cup on an angle. Take a look at the hangers on the evolve, gullwing, and avenue trucks to see what i mean. It’s a miracle that the evolve hanger works.

paris, caliber, …no watch my video #57, even some angled trucks like Tracker Dart 219 do not fit, but maybe you can file down some aluminium to make them fit in the pivot cup. Evolve is best choice so far.

Ride is good, but don’t expect too much, get some soft wheels too and be carefull, nobody have ever testet them in high speed, they are made for skate-parks not eboards :wink:

I’ve also put a thread on the Evolve-Forum: https://evolveforums.com/threads/suspension-trucks-for-evolve-skateboards.452/