AWD GT Meepo 45Km/h

Ummmm WHAT?… Video claims $799 USD 45Km/h Anyone heard about this/can confirm?


I love that they keep coming up with new stuff. Handles are definitely a raptor rip-off. So what is the real advantage of AWD - he mentions braking in the video, but is that worth the added $$?

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Well, I can’t speak from experience but it’ll be less intensive on the electronics as a whole I’m sure. Less amp pull per motor/esc, less sag etc. Raptor rip off maybe but for half the price idc

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I dont know about this, it is too heavy. 4 motor is not necessary but they can get away with more motor less amp I guess. I don’t understand why they don’t put more voltage on motor. 12s will easily solve this issue


The esc is probably caped at 10s

45 km/h 4 motors It just sounds Like great fun, But a bit unpractical.

I understand that they gone far to update esc multiple times already and building 4wd. I guess it could be a good selling point but anything more than 20~25lb is no go for me…

Same wattage at higher voltage - more efficient.

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No lol, It depends.

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PS- he added this, right after I wrote a reply.

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How can the handles be a rip-off? Don’t be funny, anyone can design this handles. It’s just the smartest placeto put them in.

The intent is not be sneaky, but to clarify what I was saying as your reply made it clear that I did not make my point clearly enough.


Seems pretty cool, awd is alot of fun.

OK, then why didn’t all the prior Meepo boards have them there? Be honest, tell me you didn’t look at those an immediately think “Raptor 2”?

well I didn’t want to get Debated at based on those messages, but who cares!

Whats your source for higher voltage at the same wattage is more efficient?

Because Meepo Always had different style handles. They probably saw that having a different design is better optimally , especially since they always had a few issues with ensuring that the handle distributes the weight like it should.

But calling it a rip off really isn’t fair to technology as a whole. If there’s a solution to an issue, and one person reaches a conclusion first, is everyone else that also reach that conclusion a ripoff? No. Just as DIYElectricSkateboard’s incoming DD isn’t a rip off of Carvons, Meepo’s aren’t a rip off the Raptor 2. The Raptor 2 shouldn’t have a monopoly of symmetrical handles…


Many years in electric RC aircraft where all of this was debated, hashed, data logged, etc. ad neaseum.

less loss due to resistive losses.


So . . . maybe. It depends whether they did their own R&D only to reach the same conclusion or whether they took a short-cut and said, “yeah, that looks cool, let’s do that”.

And neither you nor I will probably never know, still fair to call it a rip off.

Knowing how things are most-often done overseas in that regard, I fell fairly comfortable speculating. I’m not knocking meepo specifically. They seem to put out a nice product. It’s just a different culture there with regard to copying product designs and features.

whether the handles are a copy of the Raptor 2 or not, it doesn’t change the fact that they are both hideous. To me, the Raptor is the worst looking board you can buy off the shelf (well actually put an order in a couple of years in advance…) and the handles are a large part of why it looks so bad.

Yeah it’s all in the beholders eye, but my eyes behold a board that fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Just as well it’s fast, so it will always be a blur when I am near one…


I’m actually more interested in tat deck, lol I thought handle is handy.