Awesome banggood deal on the 5065 Racerstar motors($36/ea shipped)

I saw an add for these on facebook at $41 ea, and then noticed I had an email for some coupons as well for 10 percent off. I bought two, and if i didn’t just get a tons of other parts I would buy like 10 of these for future builds but i’m trying to control myself :stuck_out_tongue: . This code should work for all other motors on their site too.

Link to banggood:

coupon code: #dd5f21

That code may be unique to my account, if it is you just have to make an account on bangood and get one from here:


I ended up buying that motor for $29. They senrt me a 20% off coupon.


Is the motor good?

They are pretty good for their price.

Anyone can vouch for this brand of motors?

There was one more topic about them… them seem to be quite good… though hole / screw placement might be different from others motors.

Yes, I run a couple of 5065 200kv. They have been excellent so far.

compared to turnigy sk3s with same kv they have 2 to 3 times more W they can handle and double the amps, it seems to me that these are a lot weaker than turnigys

Quite possibly. I am 90/95 kilos and can hit close to 30mph where my trucks get a little funky. Dual motors 10s4p lion. I have no probs with the hills I encounter. If you’re going single a 6374 motor would be better perhaps though.

I was thinking of 213kv 6364 turnigy sk3 mono drive 10s4p and 90kg also so i will go with turnigy since i do not have money for two vesc’s

Sounds like a good plan. You could also look at the slightly bigger turnigy if you wanted max power for your dollar.

Isnt 2450W enaugh?

if i can pull that much out my battery

I can’t comment on the smaller motor. I had another build with a 6374 and it had plenty ooomph. Most people probably over spec their builds!

I am currently using two racestar 5045 motors, and I would purchase this motor again. They are built solidly, the sensors work with a bit of tweaking and even the smaller 5045 motor has a ton of power (at least enough for your more average rider). I give racestar the thumbs up.

Anyone knows how many poles these motors have? I’m trying to calculate the actual kv of my 200kv Racerstars EDIT: found some useful info here

I used them in a build. They are good motors. Good turque and braking. I ran them in bldc and foc. In just regular bldc tool the braking isn’t that great in foc. I haven’t used them on a focbox yet. But tested fine on a maytech esc.

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I have some 200 kv in my shop. I think. I’ll check later today and get back to you.

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Wow. Want to have a try. The price is also affordable