Axle Reducers. Who has a lathe?

Mounting 8" wheels, MBS or TRAMPA, on standard 8mm skate truck axles is completely possible. All that is needed is an axle reducer from 12mm OD to 8mm ID. Is there anyone who has access to a lathe and could make a set of these?


I saw some somewhere the other day. I’ll look at work tomorrow, I think I saved a favorite on my work computer.


That would be awesome! May not need them though. I have found a source for 8mm x 28mm bearings.

Is this what you are looking for? As in are the measurements correct?

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Thatv s what I was looking for but they would need to be long enough to span the width of a MTB wheel. I’m unsure of that length.

I made this a couple of months ago. fit´s trampa hubs with 12mm bearings. Bearing lenght space need to be 36.5 mm long. Top of my head. Can check that tomorrow. (missing a n14 key on left side)


Let me know the dimensions you want and Ill see if I can get on the mill before I go on vacation. I leave friday and will be gone for a week.

I have found bearings that are 28mm OD and 8mm ID. This solves the problem so that I do not need the sleeves. I really appreciate your help though!!


can you verify that for me? I am considering getting some wheels to use on TB’s 218mm trucks and Ill need to do something to resolve the bearing issue. thanks

Do you mind sharing the source, I may have need of them. thanks

I ordered a bag full. I’ll pm you.

Absolutely. I´ll try to do it tomorrow

ty sir, i appreciate it.

AliExpress has a bunch of 8x28x9 bearing offerings. Don’t know how much of a difference does that 1mm width make, if any.

@mmaner Bearing lenght 34.5 mm with a 0.3 mm radius both sides…M12 thread 13mm long, with deeper thread finish than the lead. That way the nut will pass the thread end and on to the axel a bit for a good lock.

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