Axle too long not sure what to do

So i got some 218mm trucks and 83mm wheels from Diyelectricskateboard and im having a little trouble with how the spacers are supposed to go. from what i understand the spacers go in between the bearings in the wheels, but when i put them on the trucks the axle sticks out way past the threads which makes in impossible to secure them, but when i put the spacer on the axle itself instead of in the wheels it seems perfect… (but thats not how spacers go, right?) so what do i do??

spacer in wheel: IMG_3483

spacer on axle: IMG_3487


Do i just need more spacers?

yes,with a combination of the 4mm spacers and speed rings you should be able to get a good fit… you should have some spacers on the axle before the wheel and spacers between the bearings, and speedrings inbetween…for example

itd go speed ring>spacer>speed ring>wheel with spacer between bearings>speed ring>nut…if you find you still have too much leftover axle add a speed ring or 2

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Ahh ok, the order of how it all goes on was confusing the hell out of me… im new to all this and i’ve been doing a ton of research, but researching how the wheels are assembled completely slipped my mind…

thanks man XD

…Lol i thought they only sent me 4 spacers which is why i was having this problem, but i found the other 4 just now… im retarded :sweat_smile:


no worries, learning how all this stuff works is half the fun

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