B-Box kit Groupbuy

This is the group buy for the B-Box/ Hw6.4 kit it includes. PCB, SMD (no nrf), 1 x xt90 power cable, 1 aluminum heat sink and silicone heat transfer pad + screws. The enclosure for the box doesn’t quite fit the cover PCB but if you want it its an extra 5$ and includes said cover.

The kit will cost 105$+ any paypal fees and shipping. This price is almost at cost for everything. The heat sink has 4 holes making it ideal to mount. SMD only kits are 80$

Mouser and arrow are both very fast and reliable when it comes to shipping so 7 days after the last person pays I will ship to you.


Just wondering but will this include a stencil?

A stencil file :smiley:


Ok cool, I so badly want to get 3 of these but I don’t trust myself to try and solder the whole board together (very little experience in smd). I might buy some later on after I practise on some dummy vescs.

I think you should continue to sell these kits even after the gb, it give people with smd experience a cheaper alternative and it could also be a learning experience for others with less experience.

Anyway great job on this project they look great


I started this with 0 SMD experience I just bought the tools and made a board then I started all of this


Just so I understand it correct, this is not a ready to run vEsc correct? You need to acquire and then Solder on all the components to the pcb yourself?

just solder not accquire


I have a fair bit of soldering experience, but not with an air reflow. would you recommend an air reflow station for this kind of work? Itd be better quality than using a tip.

My only concerns are in the possibility of the components being faulty, however thats less likely than me making an abortion of the assembly process :sweat_smile:

How feasible is this to assemble for first time smd solderers? I like learning new stuff but don’t want to bite off more than I can reasonably chew. Equipment?

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What if we live in the EU? Any approx. shipping costs?

about 20$ ish maybe slightly more

So down for this but I dont have a laser cutter for the stencil :frowning:. Might have to go out of my way to use one in my college maker space. Anyways if anyone in the bay are interested I have access to a reflow oven in my club room. Havent tried double sided reflow tho. I should just need to elevate it when i place smd and in the oven.

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You dont need a stencil if just making a couple, but you will need a microscope.

I will need a stencil if im reflowing it. I dont trust myself hand soldering small smd.

@bimmer Just wondering, what package size are the smallest smd used?

Omg these are so well priced in tempted to buy a bunch with the knowledge that I must likely will mess one up but if I can do it this is an incredible deal! About how long does it take to complete a single unit? Is uploading VESC 6 Software to this pretty easy/straightforward?

Last thing, I noticed both you and Stewii omitted the motion sensor chip and the wireless nRF. Were those kinda unnecessary things, or what was /is the reason for that?

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nrf needs to have some kind of shit with the laws…


Yeah NRF is because FCC regulations don’t want anyone going to jail lol I can make one in about 2 hrs with stencils . Flashing the firmare is connection a st-link find the .bin file and hitting start.