Baby Blue | Loaded Icarus | Dual 5055 | 10s2p 30Q

This is my third build. For this I really wanted something extra flexy, nice and torquey, and super smooth to ride. Welcome the Baby Blue. Everything is inspired by the original deck (a used pre-cut handle and routed loaded icarus flex 1) and the baby blue rip and dip grip tape.

x2 200kv Flipsky 5055’s

10s dual esc from diyeboards

Dickyho mounts, bars, and all drive train

85mm Caraguma 77a wheels

Reds Big balls abec 7 bearings

Caliber 2, 50 Cal trucks

Blood orange 88a cone and barrel bushings

Ownboard Aluminum Battery Enclosure

A used 10s2p 30q Sanyon Battery from a wowgo 2s. Has about 350 cycles and 25km range

Because the board was used (40$ from a friend) and the battery was from another skateboard (free) All together this came in at 750 Cad.


Hey! This is very similar to the idea I have just different deck. However I’m shooting for a purple theme. Would you mind telling me what Esc you used for that set up with 2 motors and are those mounts from torque?

they also sell a 10s2p 40t pack 288wh… pretty sure it fits in the same enclosure…

Hey yeah I used a lingyi esc and it’s cheap and dependable. Never had a drama with it. 80bux Canadian with enclosure and remote

It does fit in the enclosure if you file down the brackets that usually support the smaller cells. There is a large size difference in cells going from 30q to 40t. Not my reason why I didn’t, budget was my aim for this board.

I have a 40t 10s2p pack in a meepo mini 2 er. With focbox unity.

Its been awesome. Plenty of punch, good range…

However, i think wowgo price on 40t pack is pretty good… cheapest i can find.

Agreed. Ownboard usually has a good variety of the same batteries.