Backfire 75KV hub motors for sale [EU/DK]

Got few parts laying around I won’t use since I converted to hub.

Parts listed here have been installed and modified to work better together and most of them never used.

Backfire hub motors with 80mm pu can support 96mm fits most trucks with the insert 70 Euro.

Everything is located in Denmark, EU can ship worldwide

Accepts PayPal. Buyer pays all fees and shipping. 45323499_254282321925652_4007789388699271168_n


Will you sell 1 motor mount?

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They were 99 Euro just for the mounts alone and 29 for the covers so imo 70 should be fair.

Would prefer to get both sold, so thats what im trying at first.

Do you know if it’s possible to mount an idler on the motor mounts?

As is no, but if your creative you could make it work maybe.

@fottaz any experience with idlers on these?

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One motor mount left and the motor.

Heres a photo of the motor without the tape and with just the protetive stuff around it looks brand new its the 2 hole model.


If you still need i have one motor mount left.

Great… How much shipping to Israel?

16 euro tracked.

or 7 not tracked but can only do tracked unless its f/f.

Mount sold.

Got motor left and two hub motors from backfire. 45323499_254282321925652_4007789388699271168_n

So cheap. it is ok.

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Yep everything is ok

Im moving to China so need it gone asap.

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man i want it so bad but I already have hubs :laughing::cry:

you looking for anything I might have that we can trade? :smiley:

Sadly not :confused: Just looking to get it gone and get some money so i can finish my current board.

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hey, not really, never tried. Just because there is no room to let fit any idler.

Need it gone asap else it will just sit in my apartment for months without being used.

Do you have any motors left? The 6354 kind. Looking for 1.


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