Backfire G2s Modification Help

I plan on buying a Backfire G2s and was wondering if later down the line It would be possible for me to remove the hub motors and put on a dual belt motor.

Everything is possible but basically you will only keep the deck, front truck and battery (which is too weak for belt drive). You will need a new ESC or better vesc, new rear truck ecc…

You would have to upgrade/downgrade the ESC to a dual belt ESC and then use a dual belt setup.

Or upgrade to dual vescs (Theres room i tried)

This is an expensive hobby. If you’re on a tight budget you have 2 choices: buy a cheap pre built board ( meepo, wowgo, backfire, ownboard) and use it until it dies. Maybe you’ll even be satisfied with it so you will not need to spend more Or Save money and build/buy a better board. In this hobby, quality is always better in the long run. You’ll end up wasting money if you go cheep because you’ll have to buy new parts

I would simply build a complete board from the ground up… its less expensive in the long run.

I purchased a used backfire G1 (the first single belt drive) and I ended up changing everything costing me more than starting from scratch… It was my first eboard so I learned a lot of stuff modifiying it but its just simpler to build from nothing

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