Backfire G2s or WowGo?

Hey all :sunglasses:

Planning to buy either Backfire G2s or a WowGo. But i cannot decide between the two… My research has been youtube reviews.

I feel Backfire is a cooler board and more of a quallity build, but the range and vibration issue is a big one. The WowGo should be a good board to but worse support ive heard.

Hmm, anyone that has these boards and can help me out? Thanks!

My question is: why generic board?

Well I dont have the time n effort to build one myself. Maybe if I think this is superfun i could try doing it myself.

I have a diy boosted for sale…

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Cool… Im looking at hubmotor alternatives, the brushless motors are so loud.

And hubs don’t do hills

IDK what you are talking about. Your hubs might not do hills.

Jokes on your hubs are also brushless. What you wanted to say is belt drive with High kv motor is loud.

Wait for the Meepo V3. It’s coming out on the 1st of November. 3 days from now. I don’t like Jay Boston but he announced some details before hand on the Meepo.


If Chinese, then this :point_up_2:

You get lots of vibrations from the wowgo, along with a deck that has 0 concave.

besides that its a nice board.

Thanks the new Meepo looks really cool.

Blitz, good info!

This is a builders forum. Reddit would be better for this kind of question where all they do is ask this exact sort of thing.

But my kind nature will still answer.

I started out on a Meepo pre V1. Good and solid board as long as you keep it in de dry. You will soon get board of it hihi and we will see you back here soon when that happens to advise you to spend at least 3 times as much for a far better board.

See you soon and don’t forget to buy the helmet.


Thanks mate great answer! And the rest!

I will have a look at reddit instead.

This was me too… Had a v1 and after about 4months I was riding harder and.the range went down… Basically charging after each small ride… Went DIY and never going back

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I have been riding the wowgo2s for a little while now. I have put close to 100 miles on it and I will tell you what, it is the best budget board Ive ever ridin! The first board I ever road was a meepo board v2 and I did not like it because of its jerky controls and hard braking(I was a beginner but now that ive been ridin for a while I think I could handle it now). But I have been amazed with the wowgo2s’s abilities. I bought the mid range battery option and I have never killed it and I live in northern utah with tons of hills and it gets up all of them which is surpirising because I weigh about 220lbs(all muscle…jk). I did put paris v2 trucks on it to help with carving and i put 1/4" risers to help with vibration, but I would recommend getting caliber 2 trucks in case you do want to upgrade. I am also going to be getting a loaded vanguard deck and it should be able to ride the way it should after that.

I will say that I am kind of getting to the point where i feel a bit limited in my abilities because i would like to have better tourque and also be able to climb hills a bit faster. It does climb hills but it does drop speed pretty dramatically. Im not saying that it is horrible, I could ride this for another 2 years and be fine its a great daily commuter.

I would personally opt for the Backfire, its original where WowGo is just buying everything putting it together and claiming its theirs.

Your also getting a Caliber truck so, thats good.

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Thanks for the great info! Well, Wowgo sounds promising.

Thanks for the reply! Backfire seems like a quality board. And a lot more cool.

One thing I do not get, why is the wheels all rubber, where the Wowgo has metal inside, wouldnt the issue with strange sounds become less?