Backfire II on Kickstarter

Hi guys, I have just found out about this board on Kickstarter. It does not look bad at all to me (but I’m no expert) and it sure looks cheaper or at least similarly expensive to a board I could build myself (I’m from Europe and I’ve found that components tend to cost a lot more here).

Here is the video of a youtube trying it out:

Here is the link on Kickstarter:

Let me know what you think :smiley:

Prob gonna “backfire” on you

No real reviews. Looks like an updated “backfire” esk8 they had before… quality maybe not there, bad support…and tough to fix if broken…

There are better options out there

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I thought that remote looked familiar.

More people standing on the coat tails of others before them…

There is so many spelling and grammar mistakes on that KS page…To coin their own terminology, that’s “TOW… SPECIL”

wow - that’s complete junk. Shit like this will kill this industry.

What do you mean by better options?

Anyword? This doesn’t seem like a bad premade package

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first review

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Backfire 2 no longer available! Response below

HI ,

Thank you for your interested in our remote control electric skateboard.

This model electric skateboard is our Backfire Generation 2 model electric skateboard.

but it not sale anymore,becuase of quality problems.

Best regards


Sales Manager Shanghai HUANNI FUN company

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Backfire II - GALAXY

Hey guys this is my current compilation of information regarding the Backfire II, nothing special just thought I would share what I have found for this budget board. Current reviews

Apparently the units for sale on alibaba are sample unit which contains no water potting sealant, wheels which are the wrong tolerance because they are from the first 1000 batch and a whole host of other potential issues with battery life, I cannot confirm this but I would stick to buying them from backfire

This reddit discussion has some info in it if you are looking for more context

Anyways I’ll update this in the future, give me your thoughts of what you think.

This is not true after talking with them and getting certificate sent to me they wrote this. “HUNANNI FUN was our distributor before,but recently Their operation was cancelled So they got angry and make some lie. We are the only one who hold the BACKFIRE brand We design ,we produce,we sell

Apparently they’re going on Indiegogo for the same price ($ 399) next week. I kind of regret buying the components to build my own electric longboard now, because I feel I could have got a better board for cheaper :confused:

Where did you find this info?

Idk about you but I enjoy the building part in this hobby as much as riding the board. Pre made boards is never an option of you can go diy.


I meant to say next month, not next week.

Building my board is surely a lot of fun and I’m learning a lot, but it’s a bit disappointing to see that I’m spending more money for a single motor with approximately 18km range, when I could have got a dual motor, waterproof esk8 with apparently more range for cheaper :confused:

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And the backfire…backfired on this poor guy

I was totally just gonna link to that.

Busted up knee, tendon broke… In hospital for a few days until they can operate because on braking down a hill it cut out and he lost all control… No brakes at all!

Thanks for linking that, although one isolated case cannot really tell much. From my understanding, the board cut off the brakes as soon as the battery reached 100% from regenerative breaking. Is that something that may happen to vescs as well? It may be good to keep it in mind when going down hill :slight_smile:

Depends on the BMS. Bypassing discharge would prevent that issue but can overcharge your batteries. Though that shouldn’t be much of an issue given how little we regen.

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Anyone seen the latest on this? Basically Backfire said it’s because he was too fat!

Seriously Backfire? They weren’t even concerned with his well being, they were like “You shared this on Facebook, why?”!