Backfire ranger x1 upgrade

Just got my Ranger x1 from the mail and took it for a quick spin. Feels good, but the board is very heavy. And I think this can definitely be improved by after market parts, specifically replacing front wheel.

Currently looking at Trampa’s 6.5 wheels and MBS hub. Anyone on the forum are on the same page as me wanting to upgrade their ranger x1?

Never tried a backfire ranger but just my two cents. In Esk8 most of the weight is due to battery and motors. I am not sure you will gain anything from swapping the front wheels. It will improve esthetic and maybe comfort, but not sure about weight. What yoy can have a look is the battery they use. Maybe is a 10s4p made of cheap cells and you can change it with a 10s3p of 30Q or VT6 cells and then yuu gain a lot in weight. Or simple replace the battery wihh a better one and gain in performance. Then if you want to do jackpot switch to a dual vesc and you have another board.

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I think you are the first and only one.

Better keep that board as is and use it for a guest.

Diy is the way to go on this forum. I recommend it.

But if you must, the best upgrade might be getting either two focbox or the focbox unity to upgrade that esc. I say might because mostly those production hub motors work best with the standard esc that it comes with. And by this upgrade I mean that you will have better customized control of the motors to your liking.

Then when you are ready for more which you will be, you’ll have a good start for your first full build with those focbox’s.

You really should start reading everything on this forum and build your diy.

Happy riding.


As someone who DIYs boards and also purchased, received and rode a Backfire Ranger X1 I can tell you that it’s performance is actually “fine”. Not too exciting, but perfectly comfortable and rolls over most things I usually dodge.

The front wheels are indeed heavy but not enough to warrant changing. Keep in mind that this board has solid rubber tires and will not get punctured. If you change it, they would be lighter because it’s an air tube. My experience is that the solid rubber adds weight. But a lot of the weight is from the huge hub motors and 10s4p battery which is potted so you are essentially getting a few pounds of glue that makes the electronics water and vibration resistant.

For some reason, these hubs has a lot of resistance, it doesn’t free roll. If you have to lift and drag this board, pick it up by the back side so you get the resistance free front wheel and battery weight on the bottom.

As for the upgrade of ESC, I don’t see it as a problem as much as it used to be, the Chinese ESCs have gotten much better than they were a year ago, these are FOC silent and has smooth acceleration and brakes. Sure VESCs would be great but you really don’t want to push this board too hard since it’s using double kingpins, going faster would wobble your face into the street.

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I have a Ranger x1 and the hub motor wire broke off. Instead of trying to reconstruct it ( which looks beyond repair) I’d like to use the deck and battery to possibly to convert to a street board. I prefer to convert to belt drive street but would do hub. I have absolutely no idea where to find and how to find components that would be compatible. How can I find out? Is there a site online that you can put your skateboard in and it will list components that would be compatible with it. I’m looking for a high speed big street wheels that I can put on this board the won’t burn up the battery or motor