Bad bms? Where to get a new one?

Hey guys so I recently had a bad battery or so I thought. Got a new one in the mail and decided to rip this one apart and take a look on the inside. My voltage was 23v at the connector but after tearing it open I’m getting 38v from battery pack to battery pack which leads me to believe the bms is bad and I might be able to save this battery and either sell it to someone or keep it as a backup. If anyone can help me locate a bms to use and how to set it up I’d appreciate it!

Is it 10 or 12s?

its a 10s battery pack @Trdolan03

Supower never fails to deliver :wink:

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got a link?

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They have multiple amp discharge options if you choose not to bypass the discharge functions

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Awesome! Thanks for the info!

No problem