Bad crash takes me out of the game for awhile

Last night, I was riding back to my fiances house. Apparently, the lights on my back went out without me noticing. Around 12:00am, a car came speeding up behind me. I turned around and flashed my light at them, and they swerved away about 10 feet before hitting me. I sped up in case they didn’t see me in time, wobbled, and fell about 32mph. They stopped and helped me, actually took me home. Another car came by and didn’t see my board, and ran it over. Entire right side is scraped up, and board is completely destroyed.

Good news I guess is that I get to build it exactly how I want after having more experience :joy: but it’s gonna be awhile before I rejoin the community due to money.

Some Pictures

Also, quick PSA, always wear a helmet!! Probably wouldn’t be here without it, looking at the scrapes on the visor. I’m also gonna be getting a motorcycle jacket, and padded hip protectors. Probably a lighter helmet too.

Anyways, thanks everyone for the awesome community I got to be a part of. I can’t wait to get back in!


feel better dude…


Hope you heal fast.

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Hope ya feel better man.

I pretty much always ride withan armor suite. And throw on a kevlar shirt/hoodie for night riding.

If you are looking for those things Leatt 5.5 body protector, or evs street vest(spine and rooost ) are good. And the best hip pads are Hillbilly Hip Protectors.

Others might not say it. As you need to clean daily using this method. But I’ve always kept my road rashes wet, as to not impede my range of motion when it scabs over. If you keep it wet just clean and redress often.


Get better soon! Glad you are ok…ish.


Glad your ok boards can be rebuilt. and chicks dig scars


Haha not my chick. She’d rather the crash not have happened :joy:


The road rash of a road warrior. :japanese_goblin:

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I will remember all that, thanks! I never thought of keeping them wet, might take a bath or something since its all over my right side.

Ouch man road rash isn’t fun, hopefully you didn’t hurt anything inside. You’re definitely going to feel this tomorrow

If you haven’t ground off some skin on the pavement before, just take care of it like you would the aftercare of a tattoo. Feel better man can’t wait to see the newly revamped build


Baths feel great. I mostly mean with ointments(not water). I normally use A&E oinments as it has the vitamins in it the skin uses most to heal. Or Alocain burn cream. Depending on how deep it is. Start off with a cream so the wound can still breath. Then moved to A&E once it stops making the yellowish red blood plasma purges so it starts moisturizing. And make sure to stay hydrated :slight_smile:

Also if you want the scars to subsided continue to apply a&e for 3-4 months after the wounds are healed. Glad your mostly ok :slight_smile:

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yea that’s a pretty common side effect of falling. the girls are always mad

just try to make sure it doesn’t get infected. my hand got infected and it’s baaaaaaad

Pick up some tegederm That should take care of your hip.

Keep that sucker moist, but use oil based things like Vaseline or neosporin instead of water based stuff like creams and lotions because water will actually cause skin maceration.

For your shoulder I’d just use gauze pads and paper tape. Lots of vaseline, at least for a couple days.

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Ouch :disappointed: Heal up quick. Glad you are here to tell the story.

You’re supposed to switch your jerk hand bro… sperm and scabs don’t mix…

Lol jk. You taking some antibiotics?

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Ouch… my wife is just waiting for that “I told you so” moment…

Take it easy and enjoy the build!

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So which is it dude?



Try to get their insurance company to pay you for the board and your injuries. You should be able to quickly make another in that case. Glad you could walk away from that

Ouch! hope you heal fast and can rebuild the board soon!

I’ve taken to wearing one of these:

I’ve never had a car not see me since getting one, day or night.

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