Bad Detection because of under rated motors?

another one of these post i know… anyways… i bought some of the cheap chinese C6374 on ebay for shits n giggles… i guess I didnt read clearly enough as i was impulse buying but it shows the rated voltage from 18-29v could this be the reason for a bad detection AND i assume if i run these on my 12s theyd fry??

I started running detection and the first motor detected after 2 trys, the other nothing after multiple attempts which was when I went back to the listing and reviewed the specs and noticed what i did. Now neither will detect on either focbox, regardless if 12s is an issue then theres no point moving forward…

whats your input on the situation?? thanks

No. 12s probably isn’t the issue.

That’s under the detection tab.

As far as I know voltage is not a limit on motor since there is no electronic there. They look the same motor everyone is selling, they are ok for the price. To me the detection didn’t work for other reason, maybe duty cycle. Focbox is capable of handle 12s, so set it properly and test them carefully. Here a good video tutorial

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they finally detected and i think its completely random… i was increasing duty bit by bit with no positive results… then had to do an errand and when i came back ti start over it took a few trys here and there and then good. For the short test run i just did i feel like these are already running hotter to the touch than my 6355 maytechs do for further harder runs… prelim testing =/