Bad hook of a pulley and belt

With a large push of the throttle, the pulley and belt are scrolled. I pulled the strap as much as possible. How to solve a problem? I use a pulley and belt width of 10mm.

There may be a pulley and a belt of a certain format of the teeth, which will be better padded (rounded or flat).

You mean your belt skip teeths? What belt/pulleys you use? Almost everyone recommend to use htd5.

Yes. I used

Which pulleys are better to use? There is a link to ebay

HTD 5m, 15mm wide, premium quality belts are the choice. There are huge differences in belt qualities!


It’s hard to make hdt 3m belt and pulley system to work. Best to send a $ extra and buy htd5m pulley and belt system or a chain system.

try using an idler pulley. that will sort your problems out.

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