"Bad Idea"/ Jet Spud / Freeboard bindings / MEB 12s2p / Ollin VESC / TB 6355 sensored motor

Will be my third build, but first build thread. I fell in love with Okp’s and @whitepony’s trick/freeboard esk8 idea and well…I just couldn’t help myself. Told my wife about this idea of an electric skateboard that I could jump curbs with…“sounds like a bad idea” was her immediate response, hence the name. I’m over forty and she’s probably right, but screw it, only live once.

Picked up a Jet Spud from Muirskate. Added 44degree caliber 2 trucks and Otang kegels. I’m 6’1" and was worried about the short deck/wheel base of the spud, but it actually feels pretty solid and stable. I’m not planning on gearing this for speed anyway. Freeboard bindings came in the mail a couple weeks ago. Base plate is pretty heavy chrome steel, didn’t fit, gave it a quick black paint and slapped them on using outer truck screws.

think I’m going to widen the stance a bit. Didn’t quite have the balance I like on test ride and ollies in living room. Since weight is so critical, I knew going into the build I’d need to sacrifice some battery to save weight. Ran across Miami Electric Board’s 12s2p while trying decide if I wanted to tackle a DIY battery…no contest. I’m sure I’ll end up building my own battery at some point, but for now MEB’s battery gives me enough range, convenient size (about 9"x 5 1/2"), low weight, and the 12s is a good fit for the 170kv motor I have my eye on. Link for battery http://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/12s-stealth-battery Battery is sitting in a psychotillar enclosure I special ordered…unfortunately, I over estimated the required space. I can probably lose 2 1/2 " in length and 1" in width. Really want this to be lower profile, looks I’ll be forking out cash for another enclosure.

Still waiting on:

Ollin VESC Enertion mount Nano remote

Thinking through:

Motor - want to go with a sensored motor. Seems like it could save some hassle of popping out/in the bindings at lights and stop signs. Considering @chaka 5065 170kv and @torqueboards 6355 170kv. I have one @chaka’s motor on another 12s build and it runs fine, decent torque, and the smaller diameter affords greater clearance which is attractive for this trick board, but the odd hole spacing is annoying…basically only fits enertion mounts. Also the sensor wires need to be reorganized to plug into the VESC. @torqueboards motor seems like it would do the trick, but it’s not in stock yet and I’ve never used one, so it’s an unknown. All in all, I’m probably leaning towards TBs motor, probably a bit more torque and if I decide to swap it out to another build at a later date, I don’t have to worry about limiting myself to enertion only mounts (even though I like enertion mounts). Links for motors diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-170kv/ http://www.ollinboardcompany.com/product/om5065-170kv

12mm or 15mm - I have a 12mm mono and get belt slippage under aggressive breaking (unless belt is crazy tight). 15mm might eliminate or severally reduce slippage. Trying to decide if it’s worth it…12mm motor and wheel pulley options are abundant…15mm not so much. Also want to stick with Kegel wheels…even fewer 15mm options. Appreciate any feedback on 15mm vs 12mm.

Next up:

LHB wire channels New enclosure Color scheme


hihi, Im 37 and practicing 180s on a school yard surely feels a little awkward. :joy:

I really became a fan of 15mm - even with a loose belt, the torque transfer is still really good! looking forward to this build :slight_smile:


Thanks @whitepony. You blazed the path for this one. Appreciate your comments about patience as well, helped tremendously on my last build.

i have wire channels named after me. lol

also i’m turning 40 this year. Everything we do at this point that seems like any sort of fun is probably a bad idea. That being said, i’m full of them and plan to have plenty more.


Quick update.

Been getting really good feedback about the 15mm drive train, so I went ahead and purchased a motor pulley on eBay. Link for motor pulley http://www.ebay.com/itm/HTD-5M-15T-16W-5-6-6-35-8-10mm-Bore-Pitch-5mm-Timing-Belt-Drive-Pulley-15-Tooth-/252402866384?var=551250486553 15mm Kegel wheel pulleys are almost impossible to find, Alien is out of stock, and everyone else seems to offer 3D printed versions…I’m not hating on 3D printed pulleys…already have one being printed, but I’d prefer something already tested and proven. While searching online for Kegel pulley I came across Evolve’s GT Kegel wheel pulley, it’s a molded pulley designed to pop in. It was only $30, so I pulled the trigger. Link here https://evolveskateboardsusa.com/collections/gt-series-parts/products/kegel-drive-gear A couple issues with this pulley: 1.) it’s 32t, which when added to my 15t motor pulley is a less than ideal gear ratio at 12s. 2.) it doesn’t sit flush with along kegel’s inner side wall. See pic

there’s a ridge reinforcing the hole posts that stops it from laying flush. Seen here strangely, because the Kegel is offset it fits perfectly from the outside. I noticed in pics of the GT the pulley to wheel gap appears to be standard. Can any Evolve GT owners confirm this? Still about 10mm of posts running through the wheel… 3.) the baring is a larger diameter than normal. Fortunately, it’s easy to pop out and throw a standard size in.

Ultimately, it’s very likely I’ll need to modify the caliber 2 trucks with either of my current options, so I’ll wait for the 3D pulley to arrive and make a decision.

On to the overall color scheme…

Generally, I’m a big fan of the black enclosure and black deck look. Couple that with some brightly colored wheels and you’ve got a pretty sharpe looking board that disguises its intentions well. My last build.

However, I’m really digging the silver Spud deck with orange kegels and black bindings…I’m leaning towards keeping this color scheme.

My current thought is to use circular grip tape cut outs under the bindings. I’ve also thought about layering with this faux silver carbon fiber. https://www.ebay.com/itm/131240784082 Copied this idea from @Michaelinvegas I’m not sure how durable this stuff is, but I’m going to lay it on and see how it looks… Can always remove, sand it down and start over.

Next up:

Trying out wider stance with bindings


good progress, i also dig the color scheme! that evolve pulley adds pretty much bearing width to the wheel from what i remember so probably need to work on the truck a little. that special inner bearing diameter accounts for the longer and thicker reinforced drive wheel steel strut of the evolve custom sidewinders. I bent 3 trucks until I gave up on the street setup … months later they finally came up with that new reinforced truck and also with triple bearings - something I did nearly on the first day with my evolve 3 years ago. :grin:

not a big fan of cutting cast material off trucks to get more of the steel strut after my horrible bending experience. :neutral_face:

Hear ya…especially on a board I intend to be jumping curbs with. At about 95kg I’m not exactly light. I’m kinda hoping the Evolve pulley ends up being an unneeded reserve.

OK, been slowly making some progress on this build, so it’s update time…

First off - bindings position and my overall stance. Stance isn’t normally much of a focus during a build thread, but it’s pretty important with the bindings and its even more critical with my build…more on that later. I said earlier I wanted to try out some wider bindings placement to give me a wider stance. To explain, I’m a bit taller than avg at 6’1" (186cm) and was concerned about balance on the short Spud deck using the outer truck screws which only give me about 25" stance. However, going a bit wider places my feet right on the wheelwells which I generally don’t find that comfortable.

After trying out a couple different positions, I decided an adequate stance with good foot position is better than an ideal stance with poor foot position. Fortunately, this means going back to the outer truck screws which look better anyway.

Color scheme - I’m committing to the silver, black, and orange look shown earlier in the thread. Unfortunately the factory finish sucked…cheap paint and cracks all over. Soo, I’m sanding the board down and starting over.

Was getting late and I was tired of sanding, so I went ahead and drilled out holes for the screw inserts, coated inserts liberally with JB Weld and let cure overnight.

New enclosure - Ordered a smaller enclosure to better fit the deck. This one is 12"x5 1/2"X1 1/4" and its perfect! Anyone looking for an enclosure in the US should talk to @psychotiller…just does a killer job!

Enclosure with MEB’s 12s2p battery, single VESC, bms, nano receiver, and power button and charge port mounted street side. Perfect fit!

3D printed wheel pulley - in my search for a 15mm Kegel wheel pulley, I came across @Genex who was kind enough to print a pulley using one of the files @JuniorPotato93 uploaded. The pulley finally arrived and even though I was making good progress on the deck, it was too much for my ADD to resist. Overall first impressions…pretty good. Perfect fit on the wheel, but the holes on retaining ring broke through the inner diameter wall. To add strength I layered in some JB Weld…I use the shit out of this stuff.

Wasn’t sure how well the JB Weld would work in this application, but it’s holding up surprisingly well. This version of the 3D file doesn’t have the inner nuts, it just threads through, so I’m not sure how well it will hold up, but it fits perfectly and it doesn’t require any truck modification…worth a shot in my book.

Battery meter/LCD - wanted to try something unique with this build and like @whitepony, I want to push myself a little more on each build. An idea for the battey meter came to me while trying out different stances with the freeboard bindings. “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could mount the battery meter on the bindings…” Turns out, there’s room.

First I drilled a hole big enough for the two pin jst connector. Then I dremeled out a few spots, so the meter lays flat.

Then I used JB Weld plastic bonder to secure the batter meter to the binding.

Once that cured, I molded quite a lot Sugru around the screen to add some protection and make it more ascetically appealing. Still need to work on the Sufru shape, but its coming along.

The battery meter connects to the board with another 2 pin connector, so it’s totally modular. If I want to ride without the bindings, just remove them and unplug the battery meter, no wires left hanging out. More pics to come.

Next up:

  • Swiss cheesing my board
  • lots of freakin soldering
  • augh…sensor wires

Did you put the holes in the enclosure?

Yes. I drilled out two holes for the power button and charge port. The motor phase wires, sensor wires, and battery meter wire will be run through the deck.

Have you check esk8.de for kegel pulleys?

Nice one!!

Motor - " To sensor or not to sensor" went back and forth on this several times. I don’t really need a sensored motor, I can pop in and out of the bindings easy enough that it’s not a big deal. Also a sensored motor would be a complete PITA to route wires through the board…so plenty of reasons not to go sensored. Did it anyway. Mostly because I wanted to try something new. Hope it’s worth it…gonna be a total pain in the ass.

Went with @torqueboards 6355 170kv sensored motor which should match up well with the 12s battery from MEB. Never used one of his motors before, but I’ve had a great experience dealing with him, so I feel comfortable giving this motor a shot. Came in the mail awhile back and I haven’t even bench tested it yet, but I must say, it’s got some nice features.

  1. Key hole
  2. Two flat sections ground into motor shaft
  3. Groves cut to hold retaining pins on both sides of motor pulley
  4. Long enough shaft to comfortably handle a 15mm motor pulley

The pic above also shows where I cut off the sensor wire connector. It doesn’t match up correctly to the sensor port on the VESC and I’d need to remove it any way to run the wires through the deck.

Ultimately, I’ve got to do a bunch of soldering to get the sensor wires connecting into the deck, then through the deck to the VESC. I’ve looked around for jst 6 pin connectors, but haven’t found anything that matches up well for my needs. Decided to compromise and use three micro jst two pin connectors.

Going to solder longer wires to each, then channel them through the deck.

Deck - Made some progress on the deck while waiting for the Sugru to cure. As stated earlier, I’m going for a modular build where wires plug into the deck, so the motor, battery, VESC, etc can all be removed without major hassle or disassembly. When you add the phase wires, sensor wires, and battery meter together…that some serious Dremel action.

Swiss cheesing my board.

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I have not, but will be now. Thanks

Another Swiss cheese pic. This one with the extra truck holes patched.

Here it is cleaned up slightly and with the 2 pin connector for the battery meter glued in place.

Next up: Laying in the wires…lots of wires

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Hey man I got some of the sensor connectors from China they seem like decent quality. The male has 5.5in of wire and the female has just the pins. They’re called jst 2.0mm 6pin i believe took like a month to get here. I can send you some at no charge to you if you’re interested.

On a side note i didn’t see much benefit being sensored the vesc is pretty smooth only noticed when the sensor itself gave up from a crash to curb and wouldn’t budge from a standstill.

Hell yeah! Thanks dude. Don’t mind paying for them either. I’ve heard mixed opinions on the sensored set ups. @Jinra seems to really like it and makes a good argument for feeling polished and professional. I’m not sure what I really expect…smooth start from dead stop I suppose.

I’m running 1 sensored 1 sensorless right now because the sensors on one are broken. Really wishing i had full sensors because my setup cogs a bit sometimes from stand still. I just don’t see why you wouldn’t use them if they’re available, other than that it’s a little more work to setup in a reliable fashion.

Yeah it should help with start up. They’re dirt cheap it’s no problem I’ll send them Monday.

:cry: you know i already have sensor wire adapters. Poor sensor wires.

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Guess I looked everywhere but the source. I’m not too bright sometimes.