Bad motor? Happening during VESC motor detection

I’m pretty sure this is a bad motor, just making sure.

It’s one of the two motors off a benchwheel. The other one works fine.

Where Did YoU Buy These Motors? WhO Was Your Source?

re-sourced off a benchwheel board. it’s one of the two motors that came with it.

Are you sure that you disabled the ppm signal of your remote for the motor detection?

there is no remote connected yet, and yes i made sure PPM is disabled.

yea i think it’s a bad motor because when i hook it up to the old board and let it spin freely, it’ll spin up with throttle but stops without throttle as if the brakes are on.

so there’s some kind of internal resistance in the motor that may indicate a bad winding or something.

damn, i wanted to reuse some parts off the benchwheel but looks like i might just have to get a mech-kit and motors now…crap!

buy cheap = buy twice

why didn’t u tell me this six months ago…

should have followed everyone’s advice then.