Bad need of a 30q cell in eu

ya so in bad need a 30q cell could do with 2 but if anyones got a spare one im badly stuck everything nearly done on the build and had a problem today spotwelding my first pack and one my cells is done …would have wait weeks for…doing a 10s4p and only got 40 cells…stupid i know…typing this with sliced up hands lol …nickel cuts deep when gotta grab it quick xD :frowning: ill owe ya one, pay for it course and a beer your choice

@darkkevind any there bro? would swap a nano x brand new for few

haha french e-sk8 team rushed Nkon’s stock last week, sorry for that ! Which setup are you building, 40 cells is good for 10s4p no?

think he burned up some cells and only bought exactly 40

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Just one unfortunate cell :wink:

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ya bought exactly 40 stupidly and unfortunatlya piece nickel shorted one cell…grabbed the nickel and ripped it before could do any more damage…stupid but was only touching one cell anyway sliced my two fingers lol one almost to the bone B/ still pumping xD really just need one cell badly lol

When do you need them by? I’m about to order (probably in the next week or so), a bunch for a couple of packs I’m doing, I could add a couple in the order for you?

Unfortunately I’ve only got Sony Konion VT6 in stock…

Hey @stormboard1 I have one leftover from my 10S3P. I ordered 31 to be sure. It has never been charged/discharged/soldered/welded or anything. I am from Slovakia.


What exactly happened? Can you share pictures? It the short was not sustained then your cell might still be ok.

@darkkevind thanks man hoping have it asap lol so close to having first board finished @Martinsp thatd be great thanks man @PXSS not 100% as it happened so quick but i think a piece nickel shorted on the cell between the cell casing and and the positive of the cell which caused a spark and fire at end of the nickel for a millisecond before i grabbed it and pulled it off which sliced one my fingers baad lol this is the cell…checked the cell its at 3.4v

@stormboard1 where are you based? I could see if I could place my order earlier rather than later…

thatd be great man im in ireland but ireland or uk whichever cheaper

I shorted some cells too when building various packs… They work just fine, no drift. You might be able to get away with that…

PM you location so I can look up shipping if you are interested.

BTW it is from nkon if that matters to you.

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How many, two?

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Can you take a picture from top view? The side of the can is all negative. The damage there isn’t bad. I would cut heat shrink, clean the can and apply new heat shrink.

ya this is top off it…with and withour the white circle for better view.

@PXSS what dju think ? the metal in the middle is just spot welded nickel id to rip off to test the cell